Everyone’s a little bit racist, it’s true!

It’s Poison here again people!

So I’m sure you’ve all heard the song before, if not then there’s a link to it. It’s a simple issue so we wont be getting too deep with you all this week but I want to talk about unconscious racism. Yes, you may Google ‘unconscious racism’ and you will find articles about it. Anyways, I just want to say that everyone is a little bit racist. There’s no going around the fact and based on this conclusion I think racism will always exist. There’s nothing we can do about it.

Now some people might want to disagree with me and say that based on history things have gotten better, and they have, but that doesn’t mean that it will ever go away. My mission here is to explain why racism will never ever go away. I know that there are scholars and many other more qualified people who can explain why racism will never leave us but I’m going to take a stab at telling it to you all the way I see it. Please listen.

To begin, people fear that which they do not understand. Now growing up in the west and being surrounded by a diversity of people, I would like to say that I’ve become quite understanding towards other races. By being surrounded by all kinds of people of different races, backgrounds etc. I’ve come to be able to appreciate different cultures and understand them more. Celebrate the differences and similarities. Alas, there are still people among me who do hold a somewhat racist view still.

Now I know what some of you might say, ‘that’s only the older generation’ and I’ll admit that a majority of them are from the ‘old-school’ but there are still alot of people my age that I’ve met that hold somewhat racist views. No, they don’t go around burning crosses on people’s front lawn’s or lynching people because of the colour of their skin but they will make the odd racist comment every now and then.Most of the time when angered.  Now I wont call them racists but I will recognize that there are some of us who have an unconscious bias towards other races. In some people it’s strong while in others it’s weak. I would like to hope my own racial bias is weak.

Next, racism has changed alot. People have made leaps and bounds in changing racist views all over the world but there are still some places where people hold racist views and there will be events that help fuel these people’s views. In the news and media, you have a shitload of black people shown being involved in crime and whatnot which helps to fuel the arguments of people who still hold to anti-black views. You’ve got a small group  of brown people being shown as terrorists, which helps make brown people in general look bad and the list goes on. The fact is that racism spreads like a virus and as long as there’s one person to carry that virus it will spread and keep spreading.  It’s like the common cold, there is no cure but we can prevent it.

Now, we’ve already begun to start preventing it by educating children about different cultures and letting them know that holding onto these views is ignorant and should be looked down upon. Alas, as these children grow up they will inevitably have experiences with people of other races that help to shape their perception of other races as a whole. It’s sad but true, a few stupid individuals will ruin a good thing but trying to stop human stupidity is like trying to stop the flow of water in the ocean. We can only hope that these individuals that do manage to get through don’t manage to infect others with their virus.

The next way we can begin to prevent racism is by changing traditional views of races. That is one more reason why I think things aren’t changing enough, people feed stereotypes about races. I’m all for cultural expression but at the same time there are some points where there is needless segregation between  races. Television is a great example- I can see a commercial for a product on one network where it portrays a white family or something like that using said product but then another commercial can come on for the same product on BET showing a black family doing the same shit, with the same lines. My question- why? Why do we need to have two different versions of one commercial? All I’m saying is that we need to stop isolating ourselves from each other and somehow come together to create some kind of balance that isn’t so black and white. By feeding this imbalance we fuel the fact that we’re all different and somehow  we can’t come together even on that level.  Maybe I’m seeing something simple in too extreme a light but the fact is that stereotypes need to stop being fed. If we stop feeding stereotypes then maybe things can improve.

Anyways, for this weeks post and the last post of our racism month I’m hoping you can all reply to this by posting your favorite racial stereotype along with other comments etc if you have any.

Keep us entertained!

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