Gifts for that guy (what he really wants)

I want one of those, if you're getting me something

In living the daily grind of life, I didn’t get to finish a post for The Infection earlier this week thus I am literally on active edit right now, enough of me on to the main topic I shall cover this week; Gifts for that guy.

Now ladies pay real close attention here, this is how you plan to get him a gift he really wants without having to ask next week if it’s been used yet and if not why. First think of the guy you are buying for is he:

  1. Very practical
  2. Very immature
  3. Tech savvy
  4. Jewelry freak
  5. Very classy

I now give you the table of doom, which works like this: the first two cells, in the top left, indicates priority; so if you think the guy is practical then classy, you will go to practical column in the top row then down to classy. As per the way I did my post last year on how to dress, everything I list in this table will have some rationale behind it. Remember this is just advice, it does not necessarily mean this is they way you should go shop for a guy, just a push in the right direction. Keep Us Entertained®

2 \/ 1 –> Very practical Very immature Tech Savvy Jewelry freak Very classy
Very practical Magnetic Dart Board –> I’ve got one, want to make the most of time and still be immature, play darts Upgrade his cellphone –> If he doesn’t have a crackberry yet, what are you waiting for Elegant Watch –> upgrade that simple watch from silver to gold, or if it didn’t have diamonds in it, put some in. Cologne –> Proper hygiene does affect your class; I mean if you smell like you just came from the gym almost all the time…
Very immature Mini Basketball net –> Make money and have fun at the same time, if you are really good Video Games –> I don’t think this one needs much of an explanation Big Chain –> It’s got to be real or else this person isn’t a jewelry freak; the more money you are willing to spend the bigger it has to be, remember immature; if you are really going out of your way spinning is optional A bottle of wine or vodka, if you are going with vodka; Absolut or Grey Goose
Tech Savvy Upgrade his desktop computer –> remember practical, every guy has a computer he wants to be both beauty and beast Some Handheld device –> I won’t specify one but I don’t think it matter is this case. If he already has all of them on the market, 12” subwoofers. A watch with a lot of features –> You did indicate tech savvy, didn’t you? Surround Sound Speaker  –> Classy and Tech Savvy is very rare, but I think if you get a set of Bose speakers or a set of 10” JBL subwoofers or an Alpine Amplifier, that should do the trick
Jewelry freak Simple Watch –> It must tell him the time no more, no less. BIG ASS CHAIN –>  It’s must say “BIG ASS CHAIN”  this would be a dream for an immature jewel freak they probably would care if it’s even real A watch with a lot of features –> I know this is a copout but really what else do you get a tech savvy person and jewelry freak in one body? Cuff links –> Remember when I did a post around this time last year I indicated this was the cherry-on-top for attire, well this is also a way to define class.
Very classy Silk tie –> Silk dignifies class and if this guy is professional you can never have enough ties A proper dress shirt –> Not a t-shirt or turtleneck with screen-printing I mean a proper shit; while you are at it dress pants, a belt and dress socks. Electronic Door lock –> The one with the keypad, I know it’s not the first sign of class but shit it says he’s got money, well you in this case Simple chain or ring –> it doesn’t have to scream or shout, just something that say “I am dignified but not plain”

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