Taking a ‘break’

Ight its Nate here from FolksOnBlast TV checkin’ in for The Infection on “Breaks”. I’ve asked time and time again WTF IS A BREAK. Over time I’ve learned that a break can be a lot of things. Either way they all start the same way. Some one wanting time away from there partner. In a way time away from your partner can be a good thing at times, it gives you time to think about what you really want for each other and yourselves.

Me personally, I think that breaks are good because I like knowing that my girl is still there but yet we get the time to focus on the other important things in life. Lets face it love can only take you so far you need other things to back yourselves up.

There are ups and downs to a break. Ups being you get the time to focus on other things that are important and still have your relationship when you’re ready to continue with no fear of anything.

The down side is that if your relationship isn’t strong enough for a break don’t expect to come back to a relationship cause ‘break’ is the nice way of saying we’re over.

Let me know what u guys think about breaks hit me up on FolksOnBlast Tv


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