Blood…we only want it from a few of you

You see, lately I’ve had alot of issues with homosexuals and them being able to express themselves openly come to my attention.I wont state my sexuality since you either already know it and it shouldn’t matter if I’m not in bed with you. Alas, greetings people it’s Poison Apple here again and I’m not pleased. I’ve come across some rather disturbing information today, something I should have known years ago but it’s only come across to me today. Did you know that actively homosexual men have not been allowed to donate blood since 1977? I didn’t know this and when I asked around about it alot of people I know didn’t know this either. I’m glad to say that I do have sensible friends who did agree with me about one thing- that’s complete bullshit. No, I don’t mean that this fact is complete bullshit and I’m fucking with you all but I mean that it’s complete bullshit  that homosexual men in this day and age still cannot donate blood.

In the 70’s when there was a greater stigma attached to homosexuals and HIV/AIDS was classified as a ‘gay man’s disease’ by society I could understand the placement of the ban. Now, 33 years later, we still have the ban yet we all know that HIV/AIDS is not simply a ‘gay man’s disease’. Can someone please explain to me where in the hell this begins to make sense?  You see, this makes no sense to me. Let me explain.

We all have blood, right? Yes. The Canadian blood donor service screens all people before they take blood and then they check the blood anyways to see if its clean, right? Yes…I hope. Given this logical conclusion one would assume they can easily take blood from a gay man as easily as they could from anybody else, right? No? Why not?Is it because of the statistic? Yes, they say? Well that’s a double standard! A heterosexual person can just as easily contract HIV/AIDS through unprotected sex as a homosexual can.  Why not ask if you’ve had unprotected sex with anybody within the last 3 months? Alas, they still wish to bar homosexuals from giving blood.

When they wish to take your blood they ask you a series of questions. These questions range from if you’ve had a tattoo or piercing in the past 6 months, if you’ve been out of the country within the last year and other questions that make perfect sense. My question is what the hell does a person’s sexuality have to do with the fact that they are willing to donate blood? They’ve got blood, they want to give it so why not ?

The next issue I want to present is the recent debate about the United States army rule not allowing gays to serve openly in the military.  Dont ask, don’t tell. This is a step forward, it’s good to hear that people in America are annoyed by this now too but it still annoys me that it was around for so long. Honestly people, why are we so obsessed with what other people do in the bedroom?! I understand other people’s sex lives are interesting if you either don’t have one of your own or are looking to get involved in their sex life but otherwise…there’s no real reason for you to care about what they do in bed and with who if it isn’t you! Trust me, nothing good comes of asking, knowing or seeing too much.

The way I see it is that they’re in the military so why the hell are they so worried about who has sex with who ? These people are willing to go out and serve their country. Do you know what that means?! They’re willing to go out and get shot at, shoot at, rip, tear, maim and kill people so that people can continue to sit on their asses and watch crap television all day. These people love their country even though there isn’t much worth loving and then people are going to condemn them because of their sexual preference. Dear god…where is the sense?!

Finally, this happened a bit back and it was the first issue to start my mind to stir. The cancellation of the Mr.Gay China pageant. I dont care much for this issue compared to the first two but at the same time…This issue brings up the fact that we really need to try to be more accepting of homosexuals here. Why do we need to accept them here? Because there are other places in the world where they are hated for being who they are. Some people of the more conservative beliefs would say that they’re hated because they are wrong but homosexuality has been around since the time of the Roman empire and before that, why are we so against something that’s going to be around forever? Face it, homosexuality is here to stay. We can try to purge it from society but then people will just take it underground, there’s nothing we can do to stop it and it’s wrong to stop people from being free to be with whoever they want. Once again, if it’s not you then why do you need to care? As long as they’re not right in front of you or doing it on your bed or something then why give a rats ass?!

Anyways people, entertain me and vote on the poll. Keep us entertained with your comments!

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