Interracial Relationships- whats the issue?

It’s Poison again! Welcome back to The Infection people! It’s good to be here and we apologize for our lateness but we, more or less ‘I’, had an issue with this subject and getting something out…This is obviously my last resort. I’ll have to learn some comforting techniques for the camera…Alas, this isn’t really the issue. My issue is with people not being willing to speak up about their opinions, even when they know they’re right.

You see, this past week I’ve talked to many people about interracial relationships and gotten their opinions off camera. Obviously since this post isn’t accompanied by a video their opinions will remain confidential. Now you see, my issue is that these people were willing to speak their opinions off camera but when it came to getting on camera and saying these things it was a whole different issue. Still…I understand that people are scared and whatnot, plus given some of the dreadfully honest things I heard some people say I found it quite easy to understand why people weren’t willing to go on record with their statements. So…for this post you all are going to have to simply take me for my word and I only hope that’s enough for all of you- I apologize that nobody wants to speak their true feelings on camera about such an issue…not with me anyways.

Now! Onto the entertainment! So in the past week or so I’ve talked to alot of people about their opinions on interracial relationships and how they feel with being ‘involved’ with someone of another race. I’m happy to have found out that generally most people around me don’t have a problem with other people of other races and are quite ok with being involved with people of another race…with minor exceptions. You see…these ‘minor’ issues people have don’t really bother me since I understand the reasoning behind it all but alas it’s still something we need to come out about.

So generally, most people I found didn’t have a problem with being friends with someone of another race, hanging out and just being altogether chums. When the issue came into dating and relationships is when the battleground shifted a bit. I found that people had their own racial preferences that usually sounded something like ‘All these races are ok but these ones aren’t ok’ with various stupid reasons to follow the statement. Now there were some others who said that they didn’t really care about race and I commend them for their reasoning but i have to come to defend those with racial preferences as well.

First, some of the people I talked to said that their racial preference stemmed from experiences with members of the particular race(s) that caused them to dislike the entire race as a whole. Now I know that they are in the wrong for generalizing an entire race based on the actions of individuals but at the same time it’s not completely their fault for coming to such a conclusion based on past experience.

Next, there were some people who told me that their racial preference came from the fact that they found members of that race unattractive. Now I know what you’re all thinking ‘OMG, what a shallow person’ and I’ll admit it’s a bit shallow to think like that but…what kind of relationship works without some kind of physical attraction? Friendship can do that but anything beyond that, leaning towards the romantic side of things, just can’t work without some kind of physical attraction. Yes, there is more to a relationship than a physical attraction but at the same time it’s important to know that your partner is willing to be intimate with you.  So to clarify things, the people who held this opinion didn’t cease to be friends with people of a particular race because they found them unattractive but they made it clear that they didn’t have any romantic interest in a person of that race because there was no physical attraction.

A third issue I wanted to point out was cultural reasons. Cultural reasons and family traditions were another issue that helped to prevent people from engaging in relationships with people outside of their own race. I knew about this long before going out and asking people about it since I’ve lived in a city called Brampton for so long.  In this lovely city the majority of people are Indian and I’ve had many a friend tell me about how they would be disowned by their families for being with someone who isn’t brown…either that or looked down on by the older generation or receive a mixed reaction. It’s not all but there are alot of stories I’ve been told. Enough about my hometown. Outside of my city I’ve met and asked people about how they feel about the issue and received the similar response from other people of other cultures. Be it south Asian, oriental, Black, white or native/aboriginal they do not wish to even embrace the possibility or races mixing.  It’s one of those ‘I like you but only when you’re over there’ relationships.

In conclusion, I’ve found that people aren’t that bad about interracial relationships now as it was say 20 years ago or something but there are still some people who hold to bad ideas. Yeah, I think that these reasons are bogus although I have my own racial preferences too that I try to bypass. I wont get into the details…Still,  baby steps people and we’ll make it!

Keep us entertained with your comments!


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