Top 10 date movies…..

Honest apologies this should have been up last week but too much Family Day long weekend drinking and a trip to the Toronto Auto Show lead to this unfortunate delay. A good date movie is a movie that not only both you and your date immensely enjoy but it must also set the mood; this list was extremely hard to compile and had to pick a number 1 but I did it. So I get to give you people my top ten list of date movies. (Please don’t gag at all the Disney movies, I think all their WAFF is good for a date movie)

10) Valentine’s Day -> I hope this one is fairly self explanatory, a movie about Valentine’s Day and how not to f*ck things up!

9) Sleeping Beauty -> Yeah, the main character sleep for most the movie and is romantically married off at the end

8) Snow White and the Seven Badasses with Pickaxes Dwarfs -> If she has a lot of brothers you can sympathize with the prince when he comes across Snow White in the glass case

7) Cinderella -> This movie lead to one of the greatest pick up lines ever “Even after the clock strikes twelve you still look beautiful!” I have no idea why I keep listing these Disney flicks as good date movies, it’s still better than taking someone to watch Terminator or Wolverine.

6) Beauty and the Beast -> Sympathize with the Beast, tell the girl “He may have been physically ugly but that was because of how he was treating his servants and Belle!”

5) Dirty Dancing -> I can’t come up with a good or bad reason for this moving being number 5.

4) Casablanca -> Casablanca had to show up somewhere, let’s give it number 4 and call it a day!

3) Hitch -> Will Smith shows everyone how to put the moves on….. Just don’t follow his advice because it does not always work. Funny rom-com that both of you should enjoy.

2) Shrek -> Look at the description for Hitch, except its Mike Myers showing you the opposite, Eddie Murphy playing wingman and Cameron Diaz playing hard to get; plus fairy tale bashing all the way through.

1) Titanic -> This movie has a little bit of everything you want except the eventually sad but romantic ending, now why is Titanic of all the movies I could choose to be the number one date movie because it can say something about the guy if really was paying attention to the movie, he can possibly be sentimental or sophisticated. That’s right sophisticated, because everyone knows how the Titanic sank. The question someone might ask is why so many people died? All of that aside, good date movie.

Think I missed something or got something wrong comment on it, Keep Us Entertained®

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