808’s and Heartbreak

Yo people it’s Poison here again! This time I’m here about a bad album by Kanye West having your heart broken. Yeah, it’s been four days since valentines day passed and in the aftermath of just one day a bunch of sorry romantics just happen to either be really happy or somewhat depressed. I’m here to address the issues of the depressed.

Those of you who know me personally can easily say that I am the worst person to talk about this subject. I am somewhat cold, uncaring and I lack empathy for those of you in this situation- all true. Alas, I’ve met more than enough sad, lonely and heartbroken losers and pulled them up from their self pity enough times to know that this is going to be a simple lesson. To begin, life goes on.

You see, I believe that the truth will set you free. No matter how bad it may seem, any kind of freedom is better than enslavement. So I will begin by telling you all the truth, something that you need to hear in order to be able to accept the circumstances. The first truth is that not all of us will find love. Yes, this is true. There are some people out there who spend their entire lives seeking romance yet they never find and achieve it but they only become slaves to their own desire. Accept this. There are some of you who say that what I am saying cannot be true and there is someone out there for everyone. I wont say that this isn’t true but I argue that by asking you “will they all find each other?”. The answer is definitely no. Who is to say that you are not one of those people who will be left to not find someone? The fact is that although the possibility is low you should still accept that it exists and you are not beyond it. You see, once you are able to accept this truth, it goes from being sour to bittersweet because like all truths it brings with it a peace of mind. When it hits you, you knew it was coming and you weren’t unprepared for such an outcome.

Next, aside from knowing that you might not ever find that special person(s) you also have to consider how big the world is. Yes, I will once again remind you that you might not find some romance ever in your life but the world is a big place and if you search hard enough then you can most likely find it somewhere. How far you have to go depends on your level of determination. Sadly we don’t live in a fairy tale movie world where people can just pick up and go wherever to seek love. The truth is that we have jobs and other important shit to take care of for other people who need us and don’t give a shit about how you feel. That’s another point. The fact is that the world is a big place and there are ‘lots of other fish in the sea’. At the moment there are nearly 7 billion people on this planet. For an exact up to date number you can go here. Fact is that there’s always someone out there in the world who is more pathetic than you and want’s your love and affection.

So I’ve covered the bases of finding a replacement for your baby boo that broke your heart. That’s simple enough. Now that you know how expendable we all really are to each other I can begin to attend to your emotional wounds…by pouring salt on them. People are horrible. They have the capacity for good but alas, they often fail to make good use of it. Still, usually people end up heartbroken when someone or the other fucks up and shit goes to kingdom come. That’s beyond the point…The fact I’m really trying to get at here is that people come and go. Friends, family, everyone…they come and go and all you can really do is enjoy them while they’re there. When they’re gone, they’re gone. You have to stop dwelling in the past and move on because you know what, the world keeps spinning with or without you in it. It sounds harsh, even to me, and I know there are times where you just want shit to stop but you have to get up and keep going. Remember, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

The next thing you need to do is begin to think about all the positives of being alone. Some people like to be harsh critics of this but I happen to think that alone time is a very good thing. You need to be alone every now and then to sort out your thoughts and get in touch with that part of your unconscious mind that might have a message for you. Everyone needs some alone time. Some need it more than others but everyone needs alone time. Alone time should be enough time for you to be able to observe and think on your own about life and other things that need your attention without outside input or distractions. Come to some of your own conclusions, make a battle plan or to simply distract yourself from the rest of life.

Speaking of distractions, I think I’m probably immune to heartbreak simply because I have my art. My art is my one true love and without a creative outlet to express myself and my ideas I might as well be dead. Given that and observing others I think that people need to have some kind of secondary purpose for being that is only for their own satisfaction on the side of their more altruistic motives. A selfish motive for living, it sounds horrible but it’s better than losing all reason for living when someone who you were in love with leaves. In saying that, take up a hobby. Go on a vacation. Call some friends and grab some drinks. The fact is that you need to distract yourself long enough to forget that it happened. Once that passes then life should become relatively normal and who knows, you could find a rebound in all the new activities you decide to take up. One tip if you do find a rebound- dont mention anything about being heartbroken…ever.

Finally, my last piece of advice- forgive but don’t forget. Yes, this is the hardest part but they’re only human and they do what comes to us as humans. We have to grow up and forgive them for being what they are and know that in a way we’re not better than them but we will try to be in the future. It might take a long time for that to happen but it’s necessary. Plus, if you’re really seeking to make them mad then know that living well is the best revenge. It always burns someone to see someone they’ve defeated living well and above them. Even if they’re better off than you financially and physically, you still be nice and show them that you are not that kind of human being. You rise to a challenge.! You dont know defeat, only countless victories! You will be victorious!

Now, keep me entertained people and here’s a song that get’s my blood boiling!

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