The Condom report!

Here at The Infection we promote safe sex. We all know that sex can be a scary thing for those not used to it and it can be a bothersome thing for those who are used to it, so we took the liberty to calling in an expert to talk to you all about sex.

Now we know that most of you reading have had the talks at school about sex preaching  the risks and whatnot but one thing they never taught you in school is how to have fun doing it. At school they always tell you to protect yourself but they always seem to forget to remember to tell you that you also need to pleasure yourself. This is why we’ve called in our friend Wonderfuk to tell you a bit more about fun and safe ways to have sex! So here she is with her informative post about  the wonderful world of Condoms and all the ways they can not only protect you from the dangers of STI’s (sexually transmitted infections) but they can help increase the pleasure in your sex life.

Keep us entertained!

Being a sort of amateur expert when it comes to condoms, I was more than happy to help when Poison asked me to do some rubber-research.  So me and Mr. X tested out 10 of the more popular specialized condoms, and after a long, hot, sweaty…. Well here are the results:


  1. Trojan “Mutual Pleasure”
    Trojan Shared Pleasure condoms with Warm Sensations lubricant help enhance sensual pleasure for both partners. The special warming lubrication is activated by natural body moisture and releases gentle, warm sensations to increase your shared pleasure.”

Just as the name says, it was …pleasurable.  Not overly stimulating, but it just had a naturally amazing feeling to it.  Mr. X was pretty happy with it, and I fit him okay. (He’s no tiny one either). Great for those who don’t really like condoms, feels more natural then the ribbed or studded ones.

  1. Trojan “Her Pleasure”

Trojan Her Pleasure condoms are designed to please you both with a roomy bulb at the head and prominent ribs around the base. The friction created by the loose, moving latex of the extra wide bulb-like head will increase his pleasure while all that action at the base will increase hers. Trojan Her Pleasure is available with or without spermicide.”

Mr. X thought it was okay, but DAMNN I love these things.  It felt totally awesome!  Stimulating, but not too much.  It was almost as though he had a hundred tiny fingers massaging while he went at it!  On the right guy, it could be considered a weapon of mass destruction!

  1. Trojan “Twisted Pleasure”

The Twisted Pleasure condoms are designed with deep spiral ribs to help stimulate both partners in their most sensitive areas. With it’s unique shape the Twisted Pleasure is designed for mutual pleasure. Made from premium quality latex to reduce the risk and lubricated for comfort and sensitivity.”

So this one was odd.  Mr. X  thought it felt good.  I wasn’t too sure.  It was very stimulating, and for some I bet it’s great, but the twists sort of made me feel like I was being fingered by an alien.  Other than that great mental picture, it felt nice.  Probably not recommended for those who like a natural feeling.

  1. Durex “Performax”

“Durex Performax Condoms help delay climax and prolong excitement for longer lasting lovemaking. Lubricated for both partners with a regular lubricant on the outside, inside is a special desensitizing lubricant. This climax control lubricant is released by body heat after the condom is unrolled to minimize loss of sensation for the partner.”

Felt a little bit like the Trojan “Shared Pleasure”, but this one is definitely made to last.  It slightly reduces the sensation, so that you can go for hours, maybe days.  Unfortunately it sort of …tones down the sex.  Also, for the larger men out there, Mr. X recommends leaving these on the shelf.  In the time it took to squeeze him into this one, we could’ve probably had a quicky.   Maybe recommended for those 5-minute men though.

  1. Trojan “Ultra Ribbed”

Trojan Ultra Ribbed condoms offer a prominent ribbing for extra sensation. If this condom were a soda, it would certainly contain double the carbonation! Trojan Ultra Ribbed is available with or without spermicide.”

Other then the fact that it fit, there’s not much to say on this one.  Mr. X didn’t mind it, and to me it felt like…well, a condom. The ribs aren’t really noticeable.  I wouldn’t say it’s a great condom, but if it’s the same price as the rest, you won’t be making a bad choice.  Wouldn’t advise paying extra for it though, it’s nothing special.

  1. Durex “Ultimate Feeling”

Extra Sensitive-super thin for more feeling Ribbed to give her extra excitement!  This Durex Condom features over 58 lines of ribs over 4 1/2 inches (We counted). Although it’s super thin, the Ultimate Feeling does not comprise strength for thinness.”

Once again, nothing special.  Felt like a regular condom, couldn’t feel the ribs.  Mr. X wasn’t happy with the size, and said he would never buy them.  The Trojan “Ultra ribbed” would be a better choice for those of you looking at this one.

  1. Durex “Intense Sensation”

“These condoms have a studded texture to provide extreme pleasure. Hundreds of raised studs add intensity to the experience for both. Reservoir tip, lubricated.”

Much like the Trojan “Ultra Ribbed”.  Didn’t have any particular sensation to them.  I didn’t really notice a thing, except that there was a condom there.  Mr. X was totally not impressed with the size, and again recommended you leave these on the shelf.  Probably not worth the extra money, and it would be better to go for the Trojan “Ultra Ribbed” if your looking at these.


  1. Durex Tropical Orange

“Durex Tropical Orange Condoms add flare to your sexual experience. They come scented and coloured to match. Reservoir End.”

As far as flavoured condoms go, not the worst taste.  Almost like those orange popsicles you used to have when you were a kid.  Unfortunately the flavour fades quickly, and then you’re sucking on rubber.  Reasonable fit, and Mr. X had no complaints. And the bright orange colour is kinda cute! J

  1. Durex Tropical Strawberry

“Durex Tropical Strawberry Condoms add flare to your sexual experience. They come scented and coloured to match. Reservoir End.”

Not as good as the Orange.  The taste is kind of weird.  Nothing you can’t live with, but not something you would have cravings for.  Mr. X was fine with the fit, and since he wasn’t tasting it, had no complaints.  The red colour gives it a nice look though.

  1. Trojan Tutti Fruitti

“Discover the taste of lovemaking with Trojans Tantalizing Tutti Frutti Condom.  Dark blue color with Reservoir end.”

Quite honestly, a waste of money.  Barely had a taste, and from what I could taste, it wasn’t that great.  Also pretty small, and Mr. X wasn’t too impressed. I would recommend trying a different flavor.


Trojan Vibrating Ring

“Shake things up in the bedroom with the Trojan Vibrating Ring, designed to enhance the pleasure of both partners through intimate vibrations.  Safely powered by a small battery enclosed in a soft casing, lasts up to 30 minutes.  Quality inspected to ensure reliability.  Raised dots add increased pleasure.”

This little miracle worker comes with one Trojan Ultra Thin condom.  The condom was pretty much crap, but the Vibrating ring…I think he might propose to me after using this one!!  Mr. X instantly fell in love with this little wonder, and I can’t say I didn’t. It pretty much turned his piece into a vibrator itself.  The company claims it only lasts 30 minutes, but I’m pretty sure it lasts longer then that.  The only downside being, it’s a little bit on the expensive side, so maybe not meant for every time.  But a GREAT way to spice things up every once in a while, or convince a guy to marry you!


So, after this awesome research session, here’s my advice:

–         Unless he’s on the smaller side, leave Durex on the shelf.  Mr. X made me apologize to his little friend for squeezing those onto him.

–         Lifestyles are certainly NOT recommended, and regular Trojan can sometimes break after a long, rough session.

–         When it comes to flavors, ALWAYS avoid chocolate!! The Durex ones aren’t bad, but you may want to try some taste tests of your own, since everyone’s tastes are different. I’ve heard mint, banana and vanilla are tasty.

–         Although they weren’t included in this study, Trojan Magnums are highly recommended by…everyone I’ve ever talked to condoms about.  Very durable, made to fit even the biggest of…guys, and said to be very comfy.

–         Don’t be afraid to try out some toys.  The vibrating ring was certainly a new twist for me and Mr. X.  After all, even the best sex gets boring when you don’t mix it up.

–         Although condoms may seem a little expensive, consider the costs of raising a child, or meds for STD’s, or the costs related with abortion.  Chances are when you look at it that way, the cost won’t seem so bad.

–         Don’t be afraid to try out different things.  I certainly found some new things during this test that I might not have discovered, and let me tell you, WOW.  Condoms can be a WONDERFUL thing, you just need to find the right one for you.

–         And remember, no glove, no love!

4 thoughts on “The Condom report!

  1. Durex makes an extra large condom (the XXL) which happens to be one of the largest condoms on the market. So if you’re on the larger side, I wouldn’t write durex off the list. As for chocolate flavored condoms, Trustex makes a great one. And last but not least if you can’t afford condoms try purchasing online as they are much cheaper this way.

  2. Thanks for the input, Durex! I’m being serious, incase that came off as sarcastic. We probably should have considered that in the “study”, and I do encourage readers to make their own choices when buying condoms. This “study” was just made to suggest some idea’s to the readers on safe sex. It’s by no means a condom-bible!! Unfourtunatly on the chocolate condom thing, I have to shoot you down. NEVER have I ever had a good experiance with a chocolate flavoured condom, and neither has anyone I know. Again, nothing saying that readers shouldn’t see for themself – after all, I’m not a sex “god” – but from my experiance and the opinions I’ve collected, they are STRONGLY not recommened.

    Finally, the online purchase idea is a great one, and thanks again to Durex for that!! 🙂 Also, if even that is outside your budget bracket, there are always free ones being given away at STD/STI clinics. These ones however will usually be the reqular condoms, with no added features.

    Thanks again, Durex 🙂

  3. Also, I took a look at the website that you have linked with your name, and that site itself states:

    (in reference to the Durex XXL condom)
    Durex XXL condoms are larger than normal condoms with additional length and
    a fitted shape for comfort. This “low latex scent” condom is ONE OF THE LONGEST ON THE MARKET YET NOT AS WIDE AS THE TROJAN MAGNUM.

    And when looking at the physical requirements of a condom, (within reason) length is not nearly as important as width. If you disagree, I’d be happy to find you a 10 foot long condom thats a centemeter wide, and watch you try to squeeze into it:)

    Sorry, but it looks like Trojan has won this one!

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