Toronto International Auto Show

Before this post continues I’m going to come forward and say that I, Poison, am at fault for the horrible video quality since YouTube is full of shit. They forced me to compress the video a lot so that it could be uploaded…fucking assholes. My bad people, my bad…now onto Lionel! (from Poison)

You guys thought I was lying when I said my post earlier this week was delayed because of the auto show, well HA! Wait you didn’t think I was lying and thought that to be a totally truth filled excuse, then I give you more credit for believing in me than the rest of us. Ah yes the auto show my every year excursion where I get to dream and orgasm at all the new cars I wish I could buy and drive. This year’s crop of cars had a lot of quality without the quantity of last year’s show, and that is what we like to promote here at The Infection: “Quality over Quantity!”

This was the first bad girl Poison and I came across, Lotus Elise and boy is she a looker, nice curve appeal price is a little steep for a two door horsepower beast but she is a looker.

Then I saw these two beautiful ladies and fell in love but I couldn’t choose so instead of pulling a Tiger Woods I chose to leave them both right where they were, I asked the model if she came with the car and she politely told me no while cutely shaking her head laughing at my ballsiness to ask that question.

Then there was this… Lamborghini says it all, see how its roped off, yes sir that is one nice machine

This classic Mustang said hi to me, look at that cherry red gloss paint, that has 1970s written all over it

Do you see what it says at the back “Pursuit of Perfection”, Lexus is definitely pursuing and pursuing hard, pinch me, they are very close

If a picture is worth a thousand words then… yeah, I don’t think this needs much explanation, other than jizz worthy art piece

I think Infiniti made me jizz again, is that possible in a span of 5 minutes?!?!?!

Chevy Camaro: Transformers Edition; that’s right you can get a car with the autobots logo on the side and on the steering wheel, Chevrolet is getting it right finally

Mercedes bringing back the GULLWINGZ!!!!!

That was BMW mocking me, showing me that I have no money… FUCK YOU RICH BASTARDS!

I finally made it to the end of the show, The Shelby Exhibit and I found Solid Snake’s car, Super Snake

After 6 hours I jizzed multiple times and felt good, not like sex good, but close and yeah that about sums it up.

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