God and Probability

Well as you’ve seen I am an Atheist, so for some this might be biased instead of impartial but hey this is our show, so onto my continual destruction of god  and religion the topic at hand. Biggest motherfucking oxymoron I have ever seen, not even “True Lies” can catch this one, God and Probability. It’s like asking someone who believes in chance/luck if they believe in fate or destiny or even providence. Continue reading

Strange Religion 3- The Church of Euthanasia

Wassup people, it’s Poison here and as I write this I cannot stop laughing my ass off! Here for your enlightenment and entertainment this week I have found one of the most half baked religions to ever grace my knowledge. Here we have a church so messed up that I can only half support it for the reasons that it’s beliefs piss off alot of people and there are some things I can agree with. On the other hand…they stop making sense when they tell me to eat human flesh, engage in acts of sodomy and other things. This weeks strange religion is…Euthanasia!

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The Atheist and the Agnostic

Alright people so this week we have a post for y’all by both Lionel and Poison about their own views on religion. Now although some people like to group these two into the same religious category the truth of the matter is that they’re very different. On one end we have the fearless Lionel who here for you, guns blazing, as an Atheist. Meanwhile, we have Poison on the other side of the fence as the neutral Agnostic. So for your enlightenment and enrichment we give you all the Atheist and the Agnostic!

On the floor first we have Lionel!

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Tantric sex…it’s not as interesting as it sounds.

Hey everyone it’s Wonderfuk here and I’m gonna be talking about Tantric sex. Trust me when I say that it’s not as interesting as it sounds.

Not too long ago, Apple himself suggested that I go and research the school of beliefs surrounding Tantric Sex.  To be honest, I had never heard of it, so I went out and did some research, and here’s what I found: Continue reading

Strange Religion of the Week – Jediism

Master Qui-Gon, teach me the ways of The Force, I'm serious

That is right, if you though there was no secret society of meditating-lightsaber-wielding-force-believing nerds hooded people, you were wrong. They are out there they do exist and they have rules, scriptures and the like. For a fictional based religion they are pretty darn good and have a recognized existence in some parts of the world (Sorry Yevonites); do note I did not say it is fully recognized as a religion, Continue reading

Holy Whores!

So here we are people, it’s spring again. The time of spiritual renewal and regrowth…then here comes The Infection to talk about Sacred prostitution! Yes people for our first post about strange religion we’re going to talk about sacred prostitution. What better way is there to get someone to join your cult, religion or any kind of group for that matter than to offer them the greatest pleasure of the flesh!? Just imagine this as an ad – ‘Come to church and pray, then you get pu-say!’ or ‘Jesus want’s your jizz, best hookers in town!’

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It’s Spring again…

Welcome to The Infection people! This month we’ve got quite the theme lined up for all you guys with the arrival of spring. If y’all remember last March we dabbled a bit with religion and alcohol…This year we’re gonna get much worse about it so lets get a rundown of what’s the plan for this month and the theme of ‘Alcohol and Religion’. Continue reading

Are we really free to fuck?

Alright people, we apologize for last weeks absence and this weeks lack of posting but alot of things were happening with us. On a good note we’re back and we’re going to be dishing out higher quality material for y’all starting this month and onwards!

So before we get into the lowdown of what we have planned for this month, March, and the theme we will finish off our one post for last month’s theme in the form of a video. And no, this time we wont be leaving a script for you to read out since it just wouldn’t have the same impact as the video.

Keep us entertained!