It’s Spring again…

Welcome to The Infection people! This month we’ve got quite the theme lined up for all you guys with the arrival of spring. If y’all remember last March we dabbled a bit with religion and alcohol…This year we’re gonna get much worse about it so lets get a rundown of what’s the plan for this month and the theme of ‘Alcohol and Religion’.

Week 1

The Infection’s top choices of beer- With St. Patty’s day right around the corner we figure that we can keep y’all entertained with our picks of beer from two categories. Domestic and Import. We’re going to sacrifice our brain cells just for you guys and choose from 5 domestic beers and 5 import beers to decide which is the best from each category. Feel free to suggest a drink or even buy us one!

Strange religion of the week- This is going to be happening every week for the next month and we’re gonna be talking about a strange or forgotten religion or practice that kinda makes people go ‘WTF’ when they hear about it. Trust us, there are alot of strange religions out there.

Magic mixtures- This is also going to be happening every week for the next month and here is where we’re gonna talk about all the strange drink mixtures there are out there. We’re also gonna teach you how to MAKE some of these mixtures. Great for parties and all that jazz.

Week 2

In the second week of this month we’re gonna start off with ‘The Infection’s top Rum choice’- It pretty much the same thing as last week with the beer but now we’re drinking rum. If people say we’re not dedicated to our work they’re full of shit, we’re just killing out brain cells for you assholes.

Alcohol and Religion- This is gonna be a nice little debate starter. We’re gonna talk about how alcohol and religion have been traditionally opposed to each other. We’ll be touching prohibition and the temperance movement in this post so be sure that we are going to get educational this month.

Week 3

The Infection’s top wine choice- a bit more sophisticated than the last few weeks, be sure that in no way are we trained to actually test wine…unless someone within this group is hiding some kind of talent. We’re going to be drinking wine and choosing our favorite to hold up.

The Atheist and the Agnostic- Some people say there’s no difference in having no religion and not believing in god at all…we beg to differ.

Week 4

Blind faith and fanaticism- We’re not holding any punches in this post. We want people mad at us…which isn’t really hard when you’re us. We’re gonna open up the table of discussion on blind faith and religious fanaticism.

God and probability- A bit philosophical in this post, we’re going to discuss the existence of god and getting into issues of probability in the eyes of god. Yeah…this post may and probably will confuse those reading and writing it so trust us, you’ll be entertained.

All in all, this is the monthly update. Sorry for no video but no worries we’re going to have more surprises for you all this month as we go along so keep us entertained!

Here’s this month’s theme song…we haven’t done that in a while!

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