Holy Whores!

So here we are people, it’s spring again. The time of spiritual renewal and regrowth…then here comes The Infection to talk about Sacred prostitution! Yes people for our first post about strange religion we’re going to talk about sacred prostitution. What better way is there to get someone to join your cult, religion or any kind of group for that matter than to offer them the greatest pleasure of the flesh!? Just imagine this as an ad – ‘Come to church and pray, then you get pu-say!’ or ‘Jesus want’s your jizz, best hookers in town!’

Anyways, seriously people we’re going to talk about Sacred Prostitution. It came as a surprise to me when I first found out about it way back whenever and I doubt many people know about it as a practice. Thus, we are here to enlighten the people about what the hell this practice is. So as you educated bunch probably guessed it is as it sounds. Let me put it out for you-

The church/temple has it’s own set of whores who have casual sex with people in the name of god. Experts would probably be mad at me for saying it that way but lets face it, that is what it is when laid out plainly. So lets get into the history lesson of this!

Sacred Prostitution or temple prostitution is the practice of having sex for a religious or sacred purpose. Simple enough. Unlike regular prostitution where you pay the person you have had sex with, the church is the party that receives funds from this practice in some cases. So in short when sacred prostitution is being practiced the church also doubles as a brothel and the priests double as pimps.

Obviously this practice isn’t popular or widespread today but it is said to have been wide spread in the ancient near east region. This area consists of what would today be known as the middle east. A major name that comes up when this practice is mentioned is the goddess Ishtar. She’s mentioned in the epic of Gilgamesh. This goddess was strongly tied to sexuality more than anything else and her temples were known for housing these sacred prostitutes.

Something you should all know is that these people who were sacred prostitutes were treated as you would treat anything else that’s sacred. People supposedly went to these temples to worship the gods and the prostitutes were the embodiment of the gods. Also, there were not only women who were subjected to prostitution but there were also males who were involved in this type of prostitution as well. It was quite common among the Mayan’s and Aztec’s for young boys to be given to the priests or to other boys for sexual purposes.

So how did this all come to an end? Some people deny that it ever happened or that we’re horribly misinformed about the whole act. The fact is that it all came to an end with the rise of Christianity as the mainstream religion and the promotion of the virgin ideal for womanhood. As for the homosexual prostitution coming to an end…once again religion’s changed and the people in charge said that Gay was not the way. Couple that along with the rise of sexually transmitted infections as well as people probably getting pregnant left and right…It’s probably not a safe idea to try that anymore.

All in all people, keep me entertained with your thoughts about this strange religious practice!

2 thoughts on “Holy Whores!

  1. k, I already knew about September 28th of 2010… (plus, your deviant art profile is kinda funny, even if a little disappointing XD) anyways, two points, before I look up any of the goddness, cuz, I’m pretty there were more than that.

    I heard this from a friend, which may be relevant to this. http://discovermagazine.com/2006/dec/god-experiments/ though I personally think that a true spiritual experience is different that that described in other practice.

    but speaking of cults and whatnot, ever heard of Children of God which is now called Family International? Look up their finding documents.

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