Magic Mixture #1- Absinthe

Hello all and welcome to The Infection! This week we’re going to finally get into the alcohol part of our month and actually talk about alcohol and the consumption of it. Sounds like fun right!?

So we’re going to open up the floor with one drink that has become infamous for its high alcohol level as well as it’s supposed hallucinogenic properties. There are many drinks that are famous for those reasons but if you read the title of this post then you’ll know that we’re going to be talking about Absinthe.

Absinthe, also known as ‘the green fairy’ was a drink that was highly popular among artists in the early 19th and 20th century because it supposedly helped to feed creativity. If only that were true…It’s origins are unclear, like many other brands of alcohol, but it was originally sold as a medicine. This ‘medicine’ ,made out of herbs and roots, was created by a French Doctor Ordinaire in Switzerland around 1792.  The recipe passed hands and by 1797 a Major Dubied managed to acquire the formula and open 2 large distilleries in France. They enjoyed great success as one of the most popular absinthe makers in France until 1914 when the drink was banned.

In the time before it’s banning the drink gained notorious popularity. The trend was started by French soldiers who had returned from war and had been given the drink as treatment for Malaria. They brought their taste for it back with them. This taste of the green fairy spread to other people of all classes until it became a part of daily life to drink the stuff. By 1910, the French were drinking 36 million litres of absinthe per year, which contrasts against their consumption of almost 5 billion litres of wine. It’s no wonder they had to ban it…everyone was getting fucked up on this shit.

The drinking trend wasn’t also big in France but it got big in other European countries. At some point alot of people banned the drink. Most notably Spain and Britain are two countries who didn’t stop producing and drinking the stuff after France.

Later on the drink would be banned everywhere minor a few countries.This was thanks to support from the Temperance movement and a bunch of winemakers associations. They started to spread propaganda about the drink which helped them to get it banned.

So many years pass and people stop drinking the shit. It goes underground in some countries and eventually forgotten by some until the early 1990’s. This was where an importer in the UK, BBH Spirits, realized that there was no law prohibiting them from selling the drink. Thus began the modern revival of the Green fairy.

Obviously the Absinthe we have now is probably alot less powerful than the original stuff but thanks to the resurgence of it the popularity of the drink is now on the rise again.  Alot of countries have lifted the ban on the drink so that now we can all enjoy the company of the Green Fairy.

Now, for your entertainment we have a video of Poison drinking Absinthe! Enjoy!

Keep us entertained!

2 thoughts on “Magic Mixture #1- Absinthe

  1. I honestly lauuughed out loud!!
    I get that it’s supposed to catch on fire n all,
    but the video started off so calm, and then the children noises built up, the music became more dramatic! and then the fire kept growing…
    very entertained!

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