Tantric sex…it’s not as interesting as it sounds.

Hey everyone it’s Wonderfuk here and I’m gonna be talking about Tantric sex. Trust me when I say that it’s not as interesting as it sounds.

Not too long ago, Apple himself suggested that I go and research the school of beliefs surrounding Tantric Sex.  To be honest, I had never heard of it, so I went out and did some research, and here’s what I found:

Tantric sex is centered on the idea that sex is not simply a means to achieve an orgasm, but a spiritual path of learning, enlightenment, romance, and connecting with the spiritual authorities.  The point is not to aim for an orgasm, but rather to suppress it, and obtain a prolonged state of bliss for all involved.  It includes practices such as synchronized breathing with your partner, lengthy, in depth conversations about the sexual fantasies and preferences of your partner, as well as many other intimate practices.

Tantric sex: essentially, in my opinion, here’s the summary:

Get really romantic, learn how not to cum/orgasm, and have sex for hours on end, until everyone’s genitals feel like they are burning and about to fall off.  The point of it is to get close with your partner, in a spiritual way, and NOT to have an orgasm, no matter what.

As a firm believer in the power of intercourse and orgasms to create bliss and happiness for all, I have to say… I think this is a LOAD OF CRAP.

The point of sex, speaking both in terms of reproduction and sexual pleasure, is to experience an orgasm.  WHY ON EARTH would anyone try not to?  I mean, yes, it’s nice to have lasting sex, and get to the point where your ready to drop dead and sleep after, but why would anyone literally want to have sex for hours and hours without an orgasm?  In my personal experience, after an hour or two, it’s just straight painful.  When two people have sex, the friction creates tiny little rips in the lining of the reproductive organs, known as micro tearing.  This is how STD’s are passed during unproductive sex, and also where that slight burning feeling comes from when you’ve been doing-the-deed for several hours on end.

If a couple were to have sex for hours and hours, unless they used a couple bottles of lube, or her…you know…was about as wet as Niagara Falls, micro tearing is nearly guaranteed, as well as chafing.  There’s also the chance that neither of you is a rabbit during mating season, and you will just get sick of intercourse after say, three and a half hours.

Now onto the romantic/spiritual side of the story.  Don’t get me wrong, rose petals, candles, a nice dinner and some wine can be a great experience sometimes.  There’s nothing wrong with getting close with your sexual partner, and being romantically involved.  In fact, long-term sexual relationships generally begin with dating and romantic relationships.  According to Tantric sex beliefs however, sex is meant to be a means to enlighten yourself, to realize, to connect spiritually with your partner as well as with the “gods”.  There’s nothing enlightening about two people, releasing bodily fluids, moaning and groaning and sweating.  It’s just not an enlightening process in my opinion.

And someone please explain how doing the dirty is supposed to connect you with the “gods”?  I understand that orgasms sometimes feel SOO great that you might enter another universe in your head, but that is not connecting with the “gods”, that’s an excessive amount of endorphins in your system.

Maybe I’m not grasping the full depth of the Tantric Sex concept, but to me it sounds like a big load of crap.  Sex is a physical act.  Yes, it can be an emotional thing for many people, and yes, it may make you feel closer to a person, but it is not the enlightening, meditative, spiritual act that the Tantric beliefs make it out to be.

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