The Atheist and the Agnostic

Alright people so this week we have a post for y’all by both Lionel and Poison about their own views on religion. Now although some people like to group these two into the same religious category the truth of the matter is that they’re very different. On one end we have the fearless Lionel who here for you, guns blazing, as an Atheist. Meanwhile, we have Poison on the other side of the fence as the neutral Agnostic. So for your enlightenment and enrichment we give you all the Atheist and the Agnostic!

On the floor first we have Lionel!

The difference between the Atheist and the Agnostic can summed up into one simple situation: if someone offers you cocaine, I mean free cocaine, the atheist would respond by saying “No!” and the agnostic would respond by saying “I think I’ll try it”, where cocaine in this case is god.

Atheism is essentially the denial of any secular higher existence, or the denial of the existence of everyone else’s god(s), point blank. So Atheists like myself would say, “You’re full of shit” when you bring up god because that is essentially how we feel. I am not a fond believer in the whole different levels of atheism but I’ll go into it for the sake of letting people understand that there are varying degrees of atheists out there.

Implicit vs Explicit

The difference between implicit and explicit atheism comes from two factors:

1) Conscious awareness of the choice to be atheist


2) Open acceptance to the choice.

You fit those you are an explicit atheist.

Strong vs Weak

Strong atheism is used to describe atheists who claim the statement “There is at least a god” is completely false, without question. Weak atheism refers to any other type of atheism, wherein a person does not believe any deities exist, but does not claim that the statement “There is at least a god” to be false. The difference between the two is the acceptance or lack of acceptance in terms of acceptance.

I like to call on Lady Luck from time to time, or the Lady of Victory because explaining improbable probability with simple math just don’t work everything eventually works out to zero (I will explain that in a later post), and archetypes are not gods because:

1) I am not taking the Leap of Faith as going as far as guaranteeing the existence of these beings


2) they are archetypal symbols of unexplainable extenuating factors that you really can look at and say “Fuck it all”.

That’s about an atheist for you!

It’s Poison here people and I am an Agnostic and I’m damn proud of it! I’ve had many people come to me trying to sell their faith. I’ve had my own family tell me what god I’m supposed to believe in and personally…I dislike it all. I honestly question the purpose of religion in general if all religions are supposed to serve the same basic purpose. Alas, we’re not here to talk about why I dislike religion but we’re here to talk about my own choice of Agnosticism. I also don’t like when people rain down on me as someone completely evil because I even can fathom the possibility that there just might not be a god at all and these people may be wrong.

Like any other belief there are different levels of Agnosticism but we’ll get into that later. Right now I’ll lay out my belief for you all:

I, Poison Apple, do not care about god or the gods while I live. This is because I believe in the simple act of being good and doing good no matter what divine force may or may not be waiting for us on the other side if there is anything after this life for us. This does not mean that I don’t ‘believe’ that there may be a divine force that controls the universe but I will not take any sides until I have solid evidence of it’s motives, existence etc. This means that I will not join any organized religion but I will respect it’s customs once they respect me. This also means that I do not engage in any religious recreational activity such as prayer or communion.

With that having been said you now have a basic idea of what kind of Agnostic I am. Like Lionel said before, he would say ‘No’ to the cocaine while I would say ‘Just a little bit….’ (not that either of us would or have ever done cocaine, free or otherwise). So much like Atheism there are many different kinds of Agnosticism, here they are…stolen from Wikipedia and edited with my own lovely commentary for your enjoyment!

Strong agnosticism (also called “hard,” “closed,” “strict,” or “permanent agnosticism”)
the view that the question of the existence or nonexistence of a deity or deities and the nature of ultimate reality is unknowable by reason of our natural inability to verify any experience with anything but another subjective experience. A strong agnostic would say, “I cannot know whether a deity exists or not, and neither can you.”
I agree with this wholeheartedly since it is completely true to me but then one can question if you know anything at all exists. ‘What is reality?’ and all those lovely questions can come into play when you come out with such a closed box argument like that. Strong as it is, I personally find this view to be ignorant of all the other circumstances surrounding the possible existence of a supreme being (s)
Weak agnosticism (also called “soft,” “open,” “empirical,” or “temporal agnosticism”)
the view that the existence or nonexistence of any deities is currently unknown but is not necessarily unknowable, therefore one will withhold judgment until/if any evidence is available. A weak agnostic would say, “I don’t know whether any deities exist or not, but maybe one day when there is evidence we can find something out.”
With this we’re getting closer to my own views. Yes, I wont take sides and I wont participate in religious activity but I wont simply deny that there’s no chance of us ever finding out if there is or isn’t a god.
Apathetic agnosticism (also called Pragmatic agnosticism)
the view that there is no proof of either the existence or nonexistence of any deity, but since any deity that may exist appears unconcerned for the universe or the welfare of its inhabitants, the question is largely academic.
This is my view. I can’t say there is or isn’t a god but it doesn’t really matter to me since this god is probably a sadist. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, if there is a god then it really doesn’t care about us. Look it up under some of last year’s posts.
Agnostic atheism
Agnostic atheists are atheistic because they do not have belief in the existence of any deity, and agnostic because they do not claim to know that a deity does not exist.[15]
Agnostic theism (also called “spiritual agnosticism”)
the view of those who do not claim to know of the existence of any deity, but still believe in such an existence.
With these things having been said I ask you all, what’s the difference between Lionel and myself? Simple- He doesn’t believe in god while I just dont care about god. Not believing and not caring are two different things and while he is completely unwilling to accept a god being in control of our lives, I just dont give a damn about what it has to say. If it’s so powerful then where is my choice in the situation of believing or not? On a whim it can take me or remake me so I figure ‘why care?’. If there is a god then we have no choice or real control of anything in our lives and if there isn’t a god then Lionel is correct and ‘Won the game’ because he didn’t waste his time with religion and it’s bull. Final fact is that there is a clear difference between his belief and my own. My personal belief is that this view is the most open minded approach possible to the question of ‘god’ and although people wish to condemn me for it all I say to them is ‘let your god be my judge’.
Now a song for you all!
Keep us entertained!

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