God and Probability

Well as you’ve seen I am an Atheist, so for some this might be biased instead of impartial but hey this is our show, so onto my continual destruction of god  and religion the topic at hand. Biggest motherfucking oxymoron I have ever seen, not even “True Lies” can catch this one, God and Probability. It’s like asking someone who believes in chance/luck if they believe in fate or destiny or even providence. Here is the reality and truth of the matter; when it comes to god and probability, they cannot exist simultaneously, you can either believe in god or you can believe in probability, or as I like to call it luck. With god, people tend to remove the will of everything else around; the general sentiment is that god does not leave things to chance, anything. The next step you take, the next person you talk to, the side the next coin flip will fall has all been predetermined if you believe in god, sorry folks you thought you had a chance at making a choice and believing in god, wrong!

I mean I think it is fairly cut and dry look at how probability works starting with its definition:  way of expressing knowledge or belief that an event will occur or has occurred, through mathematics and logic. I underlined two words, see them? No? Well, I’ll give them to you again: MATHEMATICS and LOGIC. Got it memorized? MATHEMATICS and LOGIC. Simply put: formulae, diagrams, statistics, history. This shit isn’t magic, it doesn’t just happen there is a pattern, there is a number associated with the situation and the number is always between 0 and infinity, for example the possibility I will still be an asshole tomorrow: Infinity, why cause I am one today, it’s a trait I have that won’t simply change overnight. The possibility I will be nice to a homeless guy: 0, cause I’ve never done it before and I don’t plan on starting now; that is probability. And guess what probability is the precursor to; RANDOMNESS!

Now we have God. Yeah, leave everything in the hands of the big man, whatever the big man happens to be, and whatever he wants. No need to make decisions, no need to weigh numbers, no need to leave anything to chance because for people who believe in god, they believe that every action and inaction is meant to happen and is the will of god, predetermined and predestined. So if you don’t win the lottery don’t blame it on math, blame it on god, those are your choices. I choose math; it’s easier to comprehend “1 in 13 million” than “I don’t feel like giving you 41 million dollars today”.

That was pretty cut and dry.

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