Comic book May-hem!

Alright people, it’s been a long time but now that exams are over and the summer has begun for us so let the party begin!

So we’ve spent the last few months being all serious as shit and giving y’all shit about all the issues you give a shit about. Now it’s time for us to party! Once again it is the wonderful month of May and that means that it’s time for us to head back to our local comic book stores and reacquaint ourselves with our nerd brethern. This month at The Infection we’re going to be talking all about the crazy, sexy and cool that is comics!

Saturday May 1st- FREE COMIC BOOK DAY at your local comic book store! You know that we will be there and ready with pictures of the loot we managed to grab at this all day long event! We’re bound to keep you entertained. On top of that Poison Apple will be releasing his first web comic, the long promised for Ganguro Girl fan comic! We love to entertain!

Sunday May 2nd- The Boondocks season 3 release and speculation. You get to hear some predictions for what we think is going to happen with this season. Hopefully we’ll be able to get to actually see the first episode and give you a solid review of whats what this time around sometime soon. Other than that we will be talking about the greatness of the comic strips that were the basis for the series.

Saturday May 8 and Sunday May 9th- We’re heading out to the first major convention of the year, the Toronto Comic Arts Festival or TCAF. W’e’ll be there and getting down and dirty this weekend with some of the heaviest hitters in comics. Some of you may recognize Jeph Jacques from the webcomic Questionable content there among others who we will be trying to get up close and cool with.

May 15th- We’re going to be getting into a nice little discussion about our thoughts on movies based on Comic books. We’ll be giving some of our reviews and rankings of some of the best comic book based movies of all time.

May 16th- Comic books and graphic novels, whats the difference? A little bit of comic book history for you all we’ll be focusing on the evolution of comic books from a simple child art form into an a powerful medium for storytelling.

May 22nd- The end of the month will be dawning on us and we’ll be talking about Osamu Tezuka, the god of Manga or japanese comics. Yeah, we know that its a bit overdue for us but the fact is that we didn’t feel the need to do this last year. Anyways, the fact is that we got to it now and we’ll be going in depth about Manga.

May 23rd- We’ll be talking about everyone’s favorite subject- Sex! just this time it’s in comic book form. We’re going to be doing a nice little focus on comics focused on adult themes and sex. It’s time for hot and heavily inked part 2!

May 28th-30th- We’re gone for this weekend folks! We’re headed off to Anime North 2010 people! We were there last year but now we’re going to be there again and this time you’ll be sure to get better footage from us…yes we remember how much last year’s footage sucked but this time it’ll be better and SEXIER THAN BEFORE! We’ll have more exclusive party footage, more interviews, more Starhill and more entertainment than before!

Alright people, so…that’s the plan for this month, obviously we’ll have more than that to offer you and be sure that we’re going to keep you all entertained!

Comment, subscribe or bitch…whatever you feel like doing just keep us entertained!

A history of Comedy (Part I)

Welcome readers to the most non-intellectual history of comedy you will ever have the honor of reading. Today we’ll be talking about the history and evolution of comedy. Our focus will be on comedy in western civilization and the pivotal role comedic acts have played in our society. The Infection will be highlighting some of the most important moments in comedic history as well as important comedians. To begin, we’ll be starting with comedy in ancient Greek and Roman theater. Continue reading

Night out on the town!

Alright people so we’re at the day before the day before the weekend and I’m guessing that we’re all feeling a bit pooped and punched out right now. Hell, I can tell you all I’m not sleeping tonight nor should I be writing this post but here I am thinking about y’all. It’s me, Poison Apple and on Tuesday night The Infection delivered some goods! Continue reading

Final Fantasy XIII: Advent Amazing… Movie

I know this month is comedy month and thus I bring you, what I consider to be gaming joke of the year: Final Fantasy XIII (Very late, I know). You will either love this game or hate this game, and I as an old-school RPG and Final Fantasy gamer can honestly say, this game disappointed me a bit, it did not live up to the hype and I can know a few reasons why it could not have been as good as it should have been, but needless to say the greatest make the most out of nothing and to Square-Enix and Kitase-san, so you hear from someone who pre-ordered the game “I, Lionel Heart, am disappointed in the product, the sham, produced you called Final Fantasy XIII.” I am not just saying this for the sake of grabbing attention, no. I have a method to my madness and, hopefully without giving away too much, here it is. Continue reading

When the joke goes too far

Alright people, it’s Poison Apple here! Sorry I haven’t been around for most of the weekend, as you can see we performed a major update to the blog. It took alot out of us but it’s better than before so keep us entertained!

So this weekend past we celebrated April Fool’s day. A wonderful holiday where people have a legitimate excuse for making an ass of themselves or being a complete ass. The one day of the year where we celebrate stupidity. Now, I’m all for a good joke every now and then but there are times when people sometimes take shit too far. On the opposite end there are times when people overreact to a joke and are just too serious about shit to laugh a little. This post is for you guys! Continue reading

Welcome Poindextra!

Ok people, so we’ve got alot of new people on board that haven’t been properly introduced to you all. A bit cold on our part but here’s the newest member of our crew that we will introduce you all to…Poindextra.

So a little bit about her, she’s a friend of  Cronus as well as Poison and she currently goes to school with Cronus. She’s a talented artist and her strength lies in words.  If you wanna read her writing she’s got some of it available on Deviantart for you all to see. Fear not you fans of the visual arts she also has some great visual stuff in her gallery for you to see and we’ll pick some favorites for you all to see here.

Alongside her writing and visual arts she also is the founder of a wonderful site we suggest you visit. The Honesty challenge is a site where you are all challenged to speak honestly and freely about any issues that affect you and the world around you. Poindextra is the genius who came up with this idea and oh boy do we have fun with it.

So…excited yet people!?  She’s  joined the roster of The Infection! Between classes and her own stuff she’s graciously decided to occasionally throw down with us here! So beware, things are about to get a little more entertaining for y’all!

Now here’s some of that artwork we promised you all!

Dreaming of winter

Blue Mage: Lake of Ice

So people, keep us entertained!