Enter the gladiators

Welcome one and all to a new month with The Infection. We’re pleased to see that alot of you have abandoned us for the long weekend here in Canada. Those of you who have stayed can be entertained by this little entry when you return to our loving arms.

So it’s a new month and that means it’s time for a new theme! This month the theme of choice is…Humor! Yes people, that’s right this month we’re going to go beyond April fools day and make it an entire month of debauchery! The theme this month also marks our first completely new theme for the year!

Alright, so here’s the usual rundown of the month for you!

When the joke goes too far-  You know it happens when people begin to joke around…some people just take it too far. This is just a kind warning to the people who would take it too far and a guide for those who don’t know what too far is. (week 1)

The evolution of comedy- For four weeks we will be looking at the evolution of comedy throughout history.  Going from the history of Greek comedies and tragedies to the current toilet humor of today we will evaluate why it was funny then and why it is/isn’t now. (weeks 1-4)

Top Ten must see stand up comedy shows of all time- Another list, since we’re infamous for doing those. We’re going to be choosing our own picks of the top ten stand up comedy shows of all time. (week 2)

Night out on the town- We’ve got a treat for y’all this month as we’ve managed to get a hold of an up and coming talent. Our boy Adrian Wallace preforms live at Yuk Yuk’s comedy club in Toronto and we’re gonna get y’all some exclusive photos and videos of this event! Hell…if you wanna show up there yourselves then please check out the Facebook event page! (week 2)

When is it a good time to be an ass?- Some people just don’t know when to not tell a joke. This article will be a guide to those people who just dont know when to shut the fuck up. This is also for the people who are just too tight assed to know a joke when it hits them in the face.  (week 3)

Humor and your health- We all know that laughing is good for you but in this article we’re going to go over how healthy it is for you to have a good laugh. We’re also going to offer some of our own choice selections for what we think will garner a good laugh out of anyone.  (week 3)

Top five best comedians of all time- A list just like before. This week you get our opinions on who we think are the top 5 comedians of all time. (week 4)

Witty humor versus Shitty humor- An article about how comedy has seemingly become much less intelligent than it used to be and where we think things are going to go. (week 4)

With that we have our plans for this month. So before we go, here’s the theme song for this month which we referenced in the title of this post. Those of you that have been to the circus will know this song well.

Keep us entertained!

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