Welcome Poindextra!

Ok people, so we’ve got alot of new people on board that haven’t been properly introduced to you all. A bit cold on our part but here’s the newest member of our crew that we will introduce you all to…Poindextra.

So a little bit about her, she’s a friend of  Cronus as well as Poison and she currently goes to school with Cronus. She’s a talented artist and her strength lies in words.  If you wanna read her writing she’s got some of it available on Deviantart for you all to see. Fear not you fans of the visual arts she also has some great visual stuff in her gallery for you to see and we’ll pick some favorites for you all to see here.

Alongside her writing and visual arts she also is the founder of a wonderful site we suggest you visit. The Honesty challenge is a site where you are all challenged to speak honestly and freely about any issues that affect you and the world around you. Poindextra is the genius who came up with this idea and oh boy do we have fun with it.

So…excited yet people!?  She’s  joined the roster of The Infection! Between classes and her own stuff she’s graciously decided to occasionally throw down with us here! So beware, things are about to get a little more entertaining for y’all!

Now here’s some of that artwork we promised you all!

Dreaming of winter

Blue Mage: Lake of Ice

So people, keep us entertained!

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