When the joke goes too far

Alright people, it’s Poison Apple here! Sorry I haven’t been around for most of the weekend, as you can see we performed a major update to the blog. It took alot out of us but it’s better than before so keep us entertained!

So this weekend past we celebrated April Fool’s day. A wonderful holiday where people have a legitimate excuse for making an ass of themselves or being a complete ass. The one day of the year where we celebrate stupidity. Now, I’m all for a good joke every now and then but there are times when people sometimes take shit too far. On the opposite end there are times when people overreact to a joke and are just too serious about shit to laugh a little. This post is for you guys!

To begin, if you are going to tell a joke you have to make sure of the audience you’re speaking to. Before telling your joke or going through with your prank you need to stop, look and evaluate the audience. Ask yourself questions like ‘Will they find this funny?’ or ‘Is this really the time and place for a joke?’. Simple questions like that are ones that people just sometimes forget to ask because it seems funny to them. They forget to consider that it might not be funny to others when they wish to share the joke.

After you’ve finished evaluating the situation,  you should choose the brand of joke you wish to use. Different situations call for different kinds of jokes…that’s something for another post. I’ll narrow it down to 2 basic situations for the sake of keeping this post at a decent length.

The first situation is in a private setting. Private settings are usually defined as when you are with a small group of close friends, family and people that know you well. With your close friends nearly anything goes since they probably know you’re joking and if your joke sucks then they’ll tell you. With close family…like your mother, you avoid telling any dirty jokes. For safety sake just keep the jokes to elementary school level or edit the joke until it’s PG-13.

The second situation is in the public setting. I define public setting as places like school, dates, restaurants and work. The rule here, unless you feel brave, is to keep jokes at the PG-13 level . I frequently break this rule but I do like to ‘sail in the gray areas’ to be safe. The ‘gray zone’ consists of innuendo mostly. Of recent I’ve liked going in that direction until I’m completely sure of who I’m dealing with. Still, my suggestion for public places is to try keeping the joke PG-13. If you insist on making somewhat adult jokes then please avoid making jokes about homosexuals, women and people of different races. Wrong as it is to make jokes about them regardless…try to avoid doing it in a public setting. Also, if you intend to make jokes about the government then please be prepared to defend your opinion from the critics who may find you. Finally, don’t say your jokes out too loud if you don’t want to offend too many people.

Now for the people who are victims of a joke. As victims of a joke you either can laugh it up because you find it funny, fake laugh or explode on the person.  Once again you need to choose your actions wisely depending on the situation.

For the victim in a private setting: If everyone else is laughing and you don’t find it funny then my suggestion is to be a good sport and laugh it up. I know, it might hurt now but you can plan your revenge later and let them know in private that you didn’t think that shit was funny. Remember, it takes great character to laugh at yourself and even if you don’t possess that much character you can lie about it and not embarrass yourself farther.Remember that in a private setting these people are supposedly your friends and they don’t mean any real harm, they’re only joking around.

For the victim in a public setting: Here is where you don’t have to be so tolerant. If the person told a bad joke then you don’t overreact but you calmly tell them that it wasn’t funny. If the person told an offensive joke, you don’t overreact but you calmly tell them that it was a bad joke and you can  walk away.  The key here is to not overreact. You don’t raise your voice, you don’t resort to violence and you don’t throw a tantrum until you’re off in private. Even if everyone else is laughing, you don’t have to be so nice to these people and laugh with them.  Fuck them, walk away, just don’t make a scene out of it.

Anyways people, that’s that. You now have a basic guide on where, when and who it’s ok to deliver a joke to. Alas, I can’t help you with your sense of humor and you’re going to have to go out to find good jokes on your own. Where you tell them and to whom isn’t my business but this is a guide for those of you who don’t know the who, what and where of a good joke.

Keep us entertained!

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