Night out on the town!

Alright people so we’re at the day before the day before the weekend and I’m guessing that we’re all feeling a bit pooped and punched out right now. Hell, I can tell you all I’m not sleeping tonight nor should I be writing this post but here I am thinking about y’all. It’s me, Poison Apple and on Tuesday night The Infection delivered some goods!

So, for those of you who read the monthly update and came out to see our boy preform, thank you all! To those of you who read it and still didn’t show up or say shit…fuck y’all! Consider yourselves lucky that The Infection is around to go out and capture these events for you all to see.

So on Tuesday night past our boy, Adrian Wallace, went on stage alongside a talented list of performers to do a lil bit of stand up comedy for us. Take my word for it, he was damn funny, my laughs are on record if you watch the video. Still, Adrian was kind enough to invite us out to his show and of course I had to run through on our behalf. Still folks, for those of you who missed it just know that you missed the opportunity to see greatness in the making. Adrian you better remember when you go big to shout out to us here at The Infection!

Anyways, before you watch the video I must warn you about the quality of the video. I know that we’re usually bad but this week we’re just horrendous.The camera that was lent to us had to be returned so y’all can be sure that we’re working like dogs here to get the best we can get for y’all. Still…Adrian is pretty damn funny so maybe it’s a good thing the video quality isn’t so good, just good enough to get people craving for more.

Keep us entertained!

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