Power to the people!

Warning: This article contains politicial ideologies that are not necessarily the views of the entire group. Please read our mission statement if you want to know our views as a whole.

Welcome to The Infection, it’s been a busy week and we’ve been preparing material for you all in various directions. Our lateness  has an actual legitimate excuse that we wont bother to give you since we’re cool like that. So…here’s the first post for last week!

So Saturday May 1st was International Free comic book day. We promised that we would visit our local comic book shop and give you all the lowdown on us getting free comic books. We failed to do that and instead we decided to go out and help fight the good fight for the people’s rights in a May Day rally in Toronto. Aren’t we awesome?!

So we went out and got some pictures and some video that will be placed on Facebook and Youtube. The fact is that we were there and supporting a good cause.

So here’s what this rally was all about…every year on May 1st all over the world, many people with gather together to celebrate the achievements of the international labor movement and left wing movements.  This year we got together and celebrated the power of the people by going out and making some noise in the streets of Toronto.

This year the rally was organized by ‘No One is Illegal’ . Their purpose was to inform and educate the people about the exploitation of immigrants in our country and how this is wrong. Please be sure to check them out when you have the time to since they have the lowdown on the issue alot better than we do.

As for the issue of immigrants in our country, Canada, we want to know what the people think. Alot of us here at The Infection have a mixture of opinions about the issue of immigration and the Canadian policy concerning that so thats why we can’t really write a full post about it. Thus why we are asking you, the people, to get up and get out and talk about the issue.

First off, why does immigration and the fair treatment of immigrants matter to you? For some of us it hits close to home since we have family and friends who are hard working immigrants. It hurts to see them being treated unfairly simply because they came from a different country than our own. For others it’s simply an issue of fair treatment as a human being and on that stance is where The Infection agrees. No matter where you’re from you deserve to be treated fairly. The fact is- we want to know what you think about immigrants in our country or any country for that fact since we know we have some American friends reading here too!

The Infection wants to know and hear some heated discussion about how immigrants are treated. So here’s the deal, you can either comment here to start/join in the discussion, you can comment on our FB group page or you can comment on YouTube. So many places to discuss and we’ll see them all so you dont need to worry.

Finally, a shout out to a cool artist Poison managed to meet up with during the rally. Hannah Rajah, check her shit out, really great photography work. If you want to pester someone for some really good shots of the rally then she’s the one you’ll be looking to find. Hell… if you were there then you should probably contact her and look around for any embarassing photos of you she might have.

All in all, Keep us entertained! Peace!

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