Toronto Comic Arts Festival!

Doug Sneyd- Cartoonist for Playboy

Alright people it’s Poison Apple here and as usual we’re here doing our best to deliver the goods for y’all on everything worth knowing about! So this weekend past I decided to hit up the Toronto Comic Arts Festival thanks to the suggestion by my bro, Allen, who’s in this week’s video.

So to begin, this is the first major convention of the year that we’re going to be hitting up here at The Infection. Not that the Auto show was big but when it comes to comics and animation you’re stepping into the field of our passion. Sadly, our camera died so we weren’t able to get many pics or videos for you all but we do have one thing to say…It’s so worth going to!

Since we can’t give you all many pictures like we want to we will give you all a little review of the convention. Let me summarize it in a few simple words. IT WAS AWESOME. As an artist and appreciator of the artform I have to say that this showing was the best showing I have been to in forever. Imagine walking into Deviantart. That’s what it was except for the fact that all of the art was great! 

To begin, the first highlight of this show was that it was completely free. So you didn’t have to worry about going there to get your money’s worth because you can be  sure that you’re going to go there and get something enjoyable out of it. I know I did and I will definitely be going back again next year. 

Next, the location was great. It was set right in downtown Toronto. near enough to a subway station and all the restaurants you want. Also, given the fact that it was downtown you can be sure that the food was well priced. To top it off, the convention was free to attend so you dont need to worry about leaving and comming back. You can eat, do whatever and come back later.

Third, was the show itself. The fact that all the artists were really quite good was something that made it worth it. It wasn’t some first come, first serve, run up in there and pay cash for a table business, this show was curated. The people that were there and showing work were invited and chosen. You know what that means to me? It means that shitty, half-ass, semi talented hacks wont make it into this show!  Yes, there are some of you and myself that are still unknown in the art world but it does annoy me alot when I see people that are not at a level where they should be selling anything taking up space at a convention where a much more talented individual can show their work. I’m sorry, I’ve insulted myself too in a way but I wont lie- some people need to go home, hone their skills and then come out and play. Still, it was nice to know that the show was curated and talking to some of the artists there they liked the fact that it was all about quality work at this show.

Finally, the last thing I wanna point out about this show was the quality of the artwork and how friendly the artists were. We even had an interview with Jim Rugg, the creator of the comic Afrodisiac. At least we got that on video…

Outside of that I did manage to travel around and meet more artists and check out some of the artwork. Upstairs there was a webcomic artists section and I made sure to make my way around there and talk to some of the people there. To summarize it for you…Jeph Jacques of Questionable Content, had an obscenely huge line of fans so I left him alone…I mean, his work is good but I’m not that dedicated. Yuko Ota from Johnny Wander is pretty cool, not to mention pretty cute as well… I had a small chat with her. Finally, Spike from the webcomic Templar Arizona is just wicked cool so I also had an interesting chat with her before having to leave.  There are other artists I could sing my praises to but I’ll keep it short and sweet when I say that you had to be there.

All in all, I was entertained. My only regret is not being able to go to the second day of the convention. It is so worth it…too bad it had to happen on Mother’s day. I love comics alot but I love my mom, who lets me endulge myself in comics all year round, enough to give her the one day of my time. Still, next year The Infection will be there in full force and ready for this show. Hell, I even heard word that Chib showed up for the show as well and was lurking around.

Now, keep us entertained! We’ll have some of the extra videos available for y’all on our Facebook group so go there and join!


2 thoughts on “Toronto Comic Arts Festival!

  1. YEP !!! I was there and got a fancy necklace~ I was mostly in the webcomic bit though! so maybe that’s why you didn’t see me?
    Who knows, I left around oneish cause my friends had to get back home.

  2. I was there to witness the GREAT American TALE. Oh wait I didn’t buy Afrodisiac, but I did buy Rambo 3.5!

    And if Jim Rugg and Black Bastard ever meet up it will blow minds. One too many.

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