Anime North 2010 Preshow!

Alright people, this isn’t a real post but it’s got enough material to satisfy you all so here’s whats up!

So as you all know we’re in the middle of our grand preparations for Anime North 2010. Last year we went in as newcomers to the game but this year we’re taking over! We’ve got more people, getting more videos and going home with a haul bigger than the year before!

To begin, we’re kicking off the con on Friday with a joint panel! Starhill has graciously called us out to kick it on the panel with them. Friday, 5pm, be there!  You can be sure that nobody knows how to start an awesome three day long party like us! On Friday night you can also find us either roaming the grounds looking for some fiends to kill or in the rave!

Next, on Saturday night you guys can look forward to an awesome dinner with us around 5pm. We’re going to be at Boston Pizza so check out the facebook group if you wanna reserve a spot with us for this wonderful dinner.

Finally, we’ll end it all on Sunday by cooling down and kicking around the convention trying to get the last bit of energy before it dissolves into yesterday.

Anyways, we’re nice enough to give you all a schedule of events we’re going to be at so you can be sure that you can check us out wherever we say we’re gonna be.


5pm – 6pm: The Infection/Starhill Panel

7pm – 8pm: Trigun Doughnut Contest @ Doubletree Hotel

9pm: Jrave


12pm – 2pm: Model Viewing @ Doubletree Hotel

2pm – 3pm: Anime Jeopardy @ Sheraton Hotel

3pm – 3:30pm: Sword Workshop @ TCC

3:30pm – 4pm: Kingdom Hearts Photoshoot in front of TCC

4pm – 5pm: Hetalia versus Reality @ Sheraton Hotel

5pm-7pm:  Dinner at Boston Pizza

7:30pm – 11pm: Saturday Night Masquerade @ Doubletree Hotel

11pm – Jpop Dance Party


Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann Photoshoot

3pm – 5pm: FMA Transmuation Circle Workshop

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