Final Message before Anime North

Hey y’all it’s Poison here, currently working hard with Lionel and the rest of the Infection to get ready for the big show tomorrow. I just decided that I would greet you all with a cool personal message on behalf of all of us here at The Infection.

First off, thank you all kindly for the support. We’ve been active for a year and a half now and thanks to your support we’re able to keep doing what we love. Once again we apologize for all the promises we’ve made to you all that we can’t keep. On a personal level, I want to thank all the members of The Infection for all their hard work and support. We can’t forget to thank our friends like the cool guys over at Starhill for having our backs whenever we need it. Props to you all people!

Second of all, today is the day before the biggest show of the year for us so far . This will make my 7th year straight of perfect attendance for Anime North. If you’ve been paying attention then you’ll know wassup with me when I say that alot of shit has been going on over on my end. Everyone over here at The Infection has been working so hard by either keeping their shit up to date or just helping us prepare so I’ve gotta shout out to them.

Otherwise, I’m looking forward to seeing all my friends from school. It’s been a full month of summer break already and I kind of miss them. They’re all pretty cool people and I’m hoping that alot of them show up for dinner on Saturday night. Perhaps even party with me and watch Saturday morning cartoons. It’ll be fucking awesome! I’m living off junk food and anime for three days straight…perhaps I’ll have my last real meal tonight before my insides collapse on themselves.

Still, the important news I have to share- The Infection and Starhill has the honor of being the first and coolest panel to open up the convention on Friday! We’re going to be in the Doubletree hotel in the Toronto B-room for 5pm sharp and we’ll be there until 6. What we’re going to be talking about is simple- whatever the fuck we want. C’mon out, get some free candy from us, peanut free of course (we hope) and start off the con eating junk food and talking anime with us!

Keep all of us entertained!

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