Anime North 2010: Day 1

Friday May 28, 2010. Day 1 of The Infection’s Anime North 2010 excursion. First and foremost, before we even get into anything we have to say that this whole convention was fucking great. If you weren’t there then you need to be there next year. Trust us when we say that we have been entertained!

Some of the lineup to pick up badges
So of course we began the weekend by getting into the long ass line to get our tickets. As you can obviously see in the pictures the wait was long and tedious. The convention officially started at 5pm and we were in line at about 2:30. We got our tickets at about 3:15. 

The lineup to get into the Toronto Congress Centre
After getting our tickets we moved on to collecting pictures of the wonderful cosplayers that were there. Take note that we saw some bad ones but there were some good ones there too. We made sure that we got as many of the good ones that we could find.
Pictures courtesy of Lionel Heart
If only Ghost pointed his gun at Gen. Sheppard he would be alive
Look at that cluster fuck of people
The picture above is from our hotel room at the Doubletree. We were lucky enough to be able to get a nice room the 8th floor. Otherwise this shot would have been nigh impossible. We were also sharing our room with the guys at Starhill, they should also have some pics and videos of the con going up sometime. While we’re on the subject of Starhill, The Infection wants to thank all of you wonderful people who did show up to our panel at the convention. It was a great panel and we had lots of fun. The video for that should also be up soon. Still, once we had managed to drop our luggage for the weekend into the room we continued to move on to looking around the con for some more awesome cosplayers.

Black Mage and White Mage
Dark Link
Dot Hack GU: The Xth Form Haseo
Fate/Stay Night- Servant: Rider
Durarara!!- Shizuo Heiwajima
"One these things doesn't belong here"

All the more reason to watch Sailor Moon again
MARIA- Apprentice Witch of Origins


Fate/Stay Night- Servant: Saber

After the  day ended and we had seen everything we had needed to see for the first day…Then we raved *sirens blare in the background* 

There were two raves that went on that weekend. The one from Friday night was nothing compared to the Saturday night one. Although, both were good in their own respects. Still, we’ll have more to show you all on Youtube and our Facebook group as the week goes by in the videos to come. There’s only so much we can explain to you all in one post so keep us entertained!

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