G20 in Toronto 2010

Alright people! Welcome to The Infection…We’re back! After a long and harrowing weekend in Toronto this weekend at the G20 summit I, Poison Apple, have returned with some pictures and an epic tale for you. No romance in this tale,  just action and suspense to be enriched, enlightened and entertained with! Here it is! Continue reading

Microsoft sucks Megahard at E3 2010

Alright people, It’s Poison here with The Infection’s last update about this year’s E3. Sadly I’ve been left with the task of cleaning up the trash and telling you all about the steaming pile of shit that is Microsoft.  In all fairness, before you get into the article I will let you all look at the press conference yourselves if you’re willing to take an hour out of your time.

Part  1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Continue reading

E3 2010 – Super Sensational Scintilating Sexy Sony

Disclaimer: Clearly I don’t own that video below, because if I did I would never go to school/work ever again!

If you haven’t figured it out yet, I am going to give you, the readers, my opinion of Sony’s E3 presentation this year, and I must say it was FABULOUS! I did watch the other two press conferences while I was at work. The biggest difference in comparison to Sony’s conference last year and this year comes down to one key element; atmosphere. Last year Sony was all business working on their PR, getting people to buy their system and selling the 10 year gaming generation, this year they were more loose and relaxed, from the top down, inside out. Continue reading

E3 2010 – The Nintendo Conference – The Games

Hey all, Cronus here once again bringing you a taste of what’s been happening at the biggest gaming event of the year. Now unless you’ve been living under a rock, you probably already know what’s been revealed at E3, but for those of you who don’t… well, I’ll forgive you. This time.

But enough of that, on to Nintendo’s press conference. If anything interests you, click the appropriate picture for a trailer or the conference video of it.

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Soccer: The greatest sport on Earth

Yes people it’s me, Poison, here again with a bold and rather arguable statement as our headline for the January recap. If you’re thinking that you’ve misread the damn headline let me say it again in bold. SOCCER IS THE GREATEST SPORT ON THE FACE OF THE PLANET EARTH. If you fail you understand that statement then I can also have it broken down into syllables, written in braille for those of you who can’t see and put on a few billboards so nobody can ignore the statement. So for this week’s recap of the January theme and in celebration of the 2010 FIFA world cup I’m going to talk about the impact the sport of Soccer has had for every culture in the world. Continue reading

New Theme!? We dont think so!

Alright people it’s a new month and we’re late for the new month update! Great to know that it’s been a year and a half with us and we still aren’t changing our tune all too much for you all. So here I am to announce this month’s exciting theme for you all! The new theme for this month is…everything we went over in the last 6 months! Continue reading

Anime North 2010: Final Day

Alright people, so we’re at the final day of our three days worth of pictures from Anime North 2010. Given that you all have been following us for the past few days on our lovely little blog, you’ve been expecting this last post. Well, before we get into the actual post we wanna shout out to some of the artists we know personally and saw there throughout the weekend. So… please feel free to check out the pages of Pikatuff and Chib, who you already know are listed here on The Infection. You should also check out Wrathofcanis and Wingsofhope, who were also there this weekend past. There are a few more talented individuals who showed up to the con that we know but we currently dont have any links to their respective galleries. Anyways, people it’s picture time! Continue reading

Anime North 2010: Day 2

Alright people, It’s Poison Apple here again with more pictures for you all courtesy of Lionel Heart.  Our little convention story continues for all of you with our pictures from the second day of our three day excursion to Anime North 2010!  Unlike yesterdays post we’ve decided to tell the story through alt text on the pictures. Just because we’re that awesome and we can talk as much shit as we want. All in all, keep us entertained!   Continue reading