Anime North 2010: Day 2

Alright people, It’s Poison Apple here again with more pictures for you all courtesy of Lionel Heart.  Our little convention story continues for all of you with our pictures from the second day of our three day excursion to Anime North 2010!  Unlike yesterdays post we’ve decided to tell the story through alt text on the pictures. Just because we’re that awesome and we can talk as much shit as we want. All in all, keep us entertained!  

This wasn't where the day started for us but she's worthy of being at the top of this page. She just screams sexy...guns, skin tight suit and chains= kinky and hot.
Poison's Personal pick for sexiest cosplay
This is the way day 2 began. There were still lines for people to get in for this thing and they were LONGER than on the first day.
The start of a brand new day
Who else can't wait for the movie?!
Ah the many hours of my childhood years were pissed away with season after season of power rangers.
Gold Ranger
So to let you all know, this is a good friend of mine (Poison) she also goes to school with me although you might not recognize her out of costume. Still, love her to bits and she did an awesome job on the costume. She gets bonus points for being Tira...I've got a thing for her.
Tira- Soul Calibur
Card Captor Sakura- Sakura
Durarara!-Celty Sturluson
Kingdom Hearts- Axel
Phoenix Wright and Miles Edgeworth
Alright, so this is from the Kenpo demonstration we went to over the weekend. We did manage to get some video footage of this but we didn't record the entire thing. You have to come there yourself and experience it if your interested. Still, this demonstration was highly educational but we weren't able to take some time to get some instruction for ourselves. Next year people!
Kenpo demo
Final Fantasy X-2: Yuna and Chocobo
So...we went to a very well done Kingdom Hearts photoshoot. It was entertaining except for one minor issue...there was only ONE Aqua. As usual we could find a surplus of Sora's, Riku's, Kairi's and Organization members but it seems like Birth by Sleep just isn't loved out here year people, next year.
The winner of our Aqua cosplay contest!
Kingdom Hearts- Kairi
Kingdom Hearts- Aqua
Umineko!! There were a shitload of Maria cosplays but only this group who did a good Battler and Beatrice. I'm a fan of the series and so is Cronus so it's nice to see that we found this group. Oh yes...Beatrice is hot.
Umineko :3
Hetalia Versus reality gameshow! It was pretty interesting and educational. We'll have a video of the first round up for you guys real soon
Hetalia Versus Reality gameshow

More lines in this place than a coke addicts counter!dont worry people, we've got videos of their preformance. They will go up soon, we promise.   

Then I found the model kits on display  

The new mascot for the fight against breast cancer


Then the masquerade, because flash photography was banned during the show I only got pictures to show you all the god damn people that were there  



Then the absolutely ridiculous line to get into the Jpop party ends our business day. 

On a side note…Poison has one thing to say. 

“I apologize to that girl for what I did to her on the dancefloor. It was somewhat wrong…although I enjoyed it. I will admit I was completely sober when I did it and I would do it again with little regrets. Alas, I was in the moment and reason didn’t apply very heavily…this is what happens when I’m left without supervision by Lionel or Cronus. Thanks for understanding if you ever read this :D” 

Keep us entertained! 

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