Anime North 2010: Final Day

Alright people, so we’re at the final day of our three days worth of pictures from Anime North 2010. Given that you all have been following us for the past few days on our lovely little blog, you’ve been expecting this last post. Well, before we get into the actual post we wanna shout out to some of the artists we know personally and saw there throughout the weekend. So… please feel free to check out the pages of Pikatuff and Chib, who you already know are listed here on The Infection. You should also check out Wrathofcanis and Wingsofhope, who were also there this weekend past. There are a few more talented individuals who showed up to the con that we know but we currently dont have any links to their respective galleries. Anyways, people it’s picture time!  

Ouran High School Host Club...wont even bother trying to remember all their damn names. Look up the series if you really want to see it.
Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann- An awesome series. One of the many that we can recommend that you watch if you enjoy over the top, hot blooded action.
Hell yeah! Yoko is one chick who you know is down to jam out with her clam out!

 So after we visited the parking lot for the last major photoshoot of the convention we moved onto the dealers room. There wasn’t anything much there since everything that was worth buying had been bought before the end of Saturday. Still, we moved on to the Sheraton where there were a few events going on before the whole show was shut down, we decided to take in the last of the weekend and check it out. 

We are so good the dice shall decide where to play


Franziska Von Karma- This character appears in the Ace Attorney series of games. The cosplayer is a friend of Poison's from Sheridan so it's no surprise that she's talented. This costume was so well made...and if you all had seen the preformance that went with it then you would know how awesome it was . Look her up on the internet since we sadly dont have any video footage of the masquarade show 😦

 All that being said…we had a great time at the con and we’re going to have a better time next year. We want to congratulate all the people who worked so hard to make the convention a success. We also want to shout out to Starhill for a being a great help to us here at The Infection. Finally, we want to thank all those of you who took our cards and have been reading since the beginning or whenever. We sure do hope that you’ve all been entertained and in turn will keep us entertained! 


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