New Theme!? We dont think so!

Alright people it’s a new month and we’re late for the new month update! Great to know that it’s been a year and a half with us and we still aren’t changing our tune all too much for you all. So here I am to announce this month’s exciting theme for you all! The new theme for this month is…everything we went over in the last 6 months!

Alright, so as you know we’ve gone and made some promises to you all here and there but now is the time for us, The Infection, to deliver. The 6 month update is for us to be able to catch up with your demands and take the time to give you, the people, some feedback on all the shit we’ve done and said in the last little bit. We’re taking requests for topics, we’re covering alot of the stuff we promised to cover and missed as well as going through all the comments some of you have made!

So, lets go through what it is we’ll be talking about.

In week 1 we’re going to hitting up issues concerning race and discrimination. Everything from Apartheid to the asshole at the convenience store who wants to stare you down because you’re a student, we’re not holding back! Well…when have we ever held back?

In week 2 we’re moving on to talk about love, sex and relationships. You all know that’s something we’re all really really good at talking about…sometimes. Still, be sure that we’re not holding back again when it comes to this subject matter.

Week 3- we’re going to talk about Alcohol and liquor. Why? because we promised to talk about it a while back but we completely overshadowed it by talking about strange religions. You know, strange religions where men named Chris Korda preach about anal sex and aliens.

In the final week, week 4, we’re going to end off the month talking about Humor and comedy. Perhaps another trip to YukYuks may be in order? Who knows we might even decide to start our own comedy troupe. Still, we’re going to end it with a good hearty laugh and talk about humor.

All in all people, we’ve got alot of nothing planned this month unless you want to see us cutting up other people and ourselves for all the shit we’ve said in the last 6 months.

Keep us entertained!

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