Soccer: The greatest sport on Earth

Yes people it’s me, Poison, here again with a bold and rather arguable statement as our headline for the January recap. If you’re thinking that you’ve misread the damn headline let me say it again in bold. SOCCER IS THE GREATEST SPORT ON THE FACE OF THE PLANET EARTH. If you fail you understand that statement then I can also have it broken down into syllables, written in braille for those of you who can’t see and put on a few billboards so nobody can ignore the statement. So for this week’s recap of the January theme and in celebration of the 2010 FIFA world cup I’m going to talk about the impact the sport of Soccer has had for every culture in the world.

Alright then, before I begin and before I get tarred and feathered by the actual fans of the sport I will say this.

“No, I’m not a real soccer fan, I enjoy the game and the spirit of the sport but in no way am I a real fan of the game. I admit it is an awesome sport and there is no doubt in my mind that it is the greatest sport on Earth for very simple reasons but…I cannot play nor do I know the sport as well as I should but I do have a grasp on the basics. Good enough to defend my position”

Now to begin…

Throughout the world there are many sports being played on an international level all of which are highly competitive. Sports ranging from Basketball to hockey are played all over the world by different people of different cultures alas, there are some problems that bar some people from being able to play some of these games. Be it the environment,  lack of equipment or something as simple as a lack of popularity there are some places where certain sports cannot be played. Alas,  there is one sport in the world that transcends the rules of  place and circumstance to allow all to play. This sport is soccer.

First of all,  environment can play a major factor in deciding when and where to play a sport. Many games require a field with extensive preparations made in order to be able to play. For some people in the world this is less than possible for various reasons. Soccer is the one sport that does not require extensive preparations of a field before play. Yes, the ideal place to play the game is in a flat and large open space but once again this kind of space is not available to everyone in the world. Soccer can be played anywhere if you are willing to ignore the location.  Weather is also a factor that can play a major part in many international sports, this can also be ignored since Soccer and be played under even the most extreme weather conditions. Yes, it’s not suggested to do so but it is possible. This can be said about other sports but then comes the problem of equipment.

Equipment is a problem that can bar many people all over the world from enjoying a great game. One example is basketball, basketball is one of the most internationally enjoyed sports in the world but it can’t be played if there is no net. In basketball you also need a special place for this net to be placed which presents another obstacle. Soccer on the other hand is the one sport where all you need are literally your two feet, a heart beat and a round circular object that can be kicked around. As for a net you don’t need to buy one since all you need are some markers of some sort to designate a goal area, rocks will do. Yes, there are some people who are not blessed with the ability to use their legs and this bars them from participating in the sport but the same can be said about many other sports. Alas, the main fact here is that social status or standing has no effect on if an individual can or cannot play soccer. Anyone can afford the equipment to play since most people are born with the basics needed to play the sport, hell you could even play the game in the nude as long as you have a ball.

Another issue that can prevent a sport from being played worldwide is popularity.  One example, American Football is popular in North America but outside of the area it’s not as popular. Soccer suffers from the same problem of popularity, but unlike many other sports this game is recognized by all. From the most godforsaken ends of the Earth to to shining metropolises the sport of soccer is one that is recognized by all. Even if it isn’t the favorite of all it’s the most basic of sports we all know. A game of soccer can be organized without even having to speak which breaks the issue of language being a barrier in the playing of a sport.When broken down into basic rules even children who have barely learned how to speak can grasp an understanding of the rules. Kick the ball, don’t use your hands (if you have hands), kick the ball into the designated goal area. The simplicity of the sport is what allows everyone to be able to play no matter where and what the circumstances. Alas, don’t take the simplified version of the game as any real indication of the difficulty of the game but the simplified version given does show how easy the game is to understand and therefore play at even a non professional level.

In conclusion, soccer is the greatest sport on Earth because of it’s international recognizability and ease of access for all. No matter who you are, where you’re from or what you do everyone is able to play this game. Gender, age or nationality all means nothing when it comes to this game. It is because this sport is for everyone that it’s easy to say that this is the greatest sport on Earth. It is the one common ground we all share and given that it helps to stimulate international friendship and cooperation through playing the game. You can hate it or love it but you know it well and you know that no matter where or when there will be people who know soccer.

So…anyone want to argue with that? Keep me entertained!

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