Love, Life and Time Travel

So I had something much more grand prepared for the review of our second theme for this year but I decided to go with something a little less showy. 

Regrets are something we all have in this life. There are some things we have regrets about that are sensible but as far as romance is concerned I see no reason for regret.  I’ve a got a lot of reasons why I can say this but my thinking about this subject all began when someone told me they wanted to go back in time and change some things in their life. I’ll admit that I’ve had this thought myself a lot of times which is why I’m able to write this article. It’s not like I’ve ever murdered someone or done anything really worth regretting but we’ll see where my mind is in a few years after writing this.

To illustrate my point we need to create a scenario.  Imagine this if you will…

You have been going out with person ‘A’ for a extensive period of time. For reasons unknown/random you two suddenly break up. For a long time after that you are somewhat sad/lonely/unsatisfied with life without that person. Suddenly…let’s say that Dr.Poison comes by and offers you a chance to go back in time and possibly alter events to make a different outcome. You go back in time….

Now there have been times where we’ve all wanted to go back in time and change things in our lives. Some big and some small but thanks to the powers of science , pop culture and some healthy cynicism I can now break any hopes of ever going back in time that you ever had…unless you really are suicidal or something like that then I suggest that you seek psychological help.  So, there are a few possible outcomes that can come out of going back in time and changing events.  Let’s go over them!

The scenario continued- You go back in time and successfully manage to alter events in the way you want them to go. You think everything is going to go right like magic right? Fuck no! Time travel isn’t that glorious. There are a few possibilities that can stem from this event happening.

a)      You, from the future, makes things right and perfect but then what happens when/if you encounter the ‘you’ that also exists in that time you travelled back to?  This problem has three solutions that I know of but someone feel free to come correct me.

  • The first solution is that by changing the past the ‘ you ‘of the future would have no place to go back to since that future no longer exists (possibly). The other  issue is that now the you of  the past is now alone if you don’t have a future to go back to or even worse  you’re still alone if the you of the past is able to beat the you of the future and get with your lover.
  • The second solution is that you manage to change the past but in the process you erase yourself completely since the future you come from would no longer exist. If the future you come from didn’t happen then you never had any reason to come back in time therefore you should not exist.  This is the most extreme scenario that could happen but who governs the laws of time right? Who’s to say that you changing shit won’t cause the universe to correct itself in order to balance things out? This is the suicidal person’s option.
  • The third solution is that you change the past and you go back to your time and nothing has changed.  Yes, that’s right folks; you’ve made things right for yourself in THAT version of the past but the problem is that you only created an alternate timeline while your own timeline exists. In total, you still get to go back to your life and now you feel shittier about it because you know that now that there’s a ‘you’ in another universe who’s happy. 


 b) You go back in time and don’t happen to meet yourself or your lover and you manipulate events in such a way that you think everything works out well. Ever watched ‘The Butterfly Effect’ folks?  Well time is not something you want to fuck with.

  • The first solution is to review the above three. Yes, sure you didn’t meet yourself but this doesn’t deny the possibility of any of the three happening still. You don’t have a future to go back to and you’re definitely alone unless you duel yourself for your love. You possibly erase yourself from history completely. Finally, the past is changed but nothing has changed in your timeline which actually brings to light two facts.
  • The unchanged end result would mean that all events in time are possibly preordained. If you believe in god then this possibility is really likely. If your ‘edits’ to the past did not change the story that went with it then you can be somewhat sure that you might of even been a  major factor in the undoing of your relationship if you don’t remember meeting yourself from the future in the past. For all you know you could have been the one to engineer your own sadness prior to you actually knowing you travelled back in time to try to fix things.
  •  If all the ‘edits’ you made to the past are acknowledged but you’re still alone then you can be sure that the universe just doesn’t want you with this person.  For all you know your seemingly small ‘edits’ can make things even worse for you.

So in all that you’re all hoping for me to talk about what happens if you happen to succeed without anything bad happening…well there is no good end in this situation people. Thinking about it logically it would make no sense for things to go well if you made a change to the past unless you’re willing to bet on the suicide solution. Please correct me if I’m missing something here.

All in all, the moral here is that you shouldn’t try to change the past especially when it comes to romance. The thing is that I don’t believe in heartbreak. The word itself makes no sense to me since I know that if my heart really were to ‘break’ then I would cease to be living. I know of the heart being damaged, but broken yet still living makes no sense to me.  For those people that have to experience ‘heartbreak’ in the romantic sense my only advice is that they were naïve. Yes you need to be optimistic to put your trust into someone but at the same time you can’t have blind faith either. Know that it can happen to you and given what you have to look forward to with time travel maybe it’s better to look towards the future. Look at the good and the bad and you’ll be less likely to regret the past. As long as there’s a tomorrow for you to see then you know that instead of sulking about shit that you hopefully don’t want to change anymore you can make the future better.

Anyways people, keep me entertained!

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