E3 2010 – Super Sensational Scintilating Sexy Sony

Disclaimer: Clearly I don’t own that video below, because if I did I would never go to school/work ever again!

If you haven’t figured it out yet, I am going to give you, the readers, my opinion of Sony’s E3 presentation this year, and I must say it was FABULOUS! I did watch the other two press conferences while I was at work. The biggest difference in comparison to Sony’s conference last year and this year comes down to one key element; atmosphere. Last year Sony was all business working on their PR, getting people to buy their system and selling the 10 year gaming generation, this year they were more loose and relaxed, from the top down, inside out.

Starting with their opening video collage, which got me pretty psyched, they showed something they did not do much of last year, show the Playstation 2, I must have seen it 3 or 4 times in that opening collage alone which should remind people that they do have the all-time selling console, the dedication, loved it the message was there, showing glimpses of what was to come in the presentation was another good feature to get people on their seats, again I got the message from those as well. And then ending the video with everything culminating into the Playstation logo, which hasn’t changed shape since they designed it.

Jack Tretton came out firing which was great there was more emotion and more of him, this year and it was showing from the get go. A quick jab at one of the competitors, “No need for ponchos”, had me laughing. Jack did a better job this year selling the Playstation 3, as not just a gaming console, but a multidimensional media center.

Kaz Hirai, came out and kept the the ball rolling, two words that struck me: Innovation and Content, and without further wait here came 3D!!!!!! And there is 3D ready content too, Wipeout HD is a must have for 3D. Remember exclusively on Playstation 3.

Then came Killzone 3! Hermen Hulst came on stage helping out Kaz Hirai with the 3D, saying that Killzone 3 will be developed with 3D integration and exclusively on Playstation 3 with Playstation Move functionality. The live demo of Killzone 3 looked amazing, visually and I didn’t get the 3D part of it, for Pre-Alpha code the game was really smooth and the environments looked amazing.

Kaz Hirai came back on stage to give a more in depth list of the games to be in 3D: Motorstorm Apocalypse, Killzone 3, The Sly Collection, GRAN TURISMO 5 (WTF!!!), Crysis 2, Mortal Kombat (FATALITY!), Shaun White Skateboarding (meh), Ghost Recon: Future Soldier, TRON Evolution, NBA 2K11, The Fight: Lights Out, Eyepet, tumble, and MLB: The Show. Then there was a montage of scenes all in 3D which I couldn’t see in 3D cause I wasn’t there. The montage had footage from most of the games Kaz Hirai had listed before that will be available in 3D.

Tretton came back out and announced that it was the tenth anniversary of the Playstation 2 (Still have my fat one), then he was shitting out stats, but showing they were a little meaningful. Then came the Playstation Move and Peter Dillie. Now you can sell someone on this all you want, but this is simply a major improvement on what Nintendo started with the Wii, so I will skip this part of it cause you’ve probably heard this stuff from the guys at Nintendo. Two games were demoed, Sorcery and Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11, the latter looked to really show how good and how accurate the Playstation Move is.

Sony them showed off its own version of Smash Bros, Heroes on the Move. Which is looks kind of lame but if it sells, it sells.

Now about 45 minutes into the show came the best moment of the whole show, Kevin  Butler VP of many things. I don’t think any words I say will do his speech justice, so just watch the video below.

Milk the momentum Sony cause hiring Kevin Butler has been the best decision made in the last 5 years……

Dillie came back to show a montage of some of the games that will be made for the Playstation Move.

Tretton came back out to introduce the PSPs version of Kevin Butler, Marcus Rivers. This kid has a bit of a way to go, but he’s got the charisma and he’s got what it takes to do what Kevin Butler has done for the Playstation 3 because I found his mock interview pretty funny.

Tretton came out to talk about some of the newer and upcoming games for the PSP. Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, which I am playing right now (F-ing amazing game), invizimals, God of War: Ghost of Sparta, Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep, Toy Story 3, and Ace Combat: Joint Assault. In the video montage shown after there were some games not listed by Tretton, Tetris is one of the games shown in the montage.  He then showed of the E3 booths in Playstation Home, which people could visit if they couldn’t afford a trip down the California but have a Playstation 3.

Then came something amazing, Little Big Planet 2, this game looks so fun and visually appealing it’s just amazing, there are more mini-games and a wider variety of games that will be offered this time around.

Tretton then announced Playstation Plus, the subscription service which was bound to happen, go to http://us.playstation.com/playstation-plus/ to find out more details.

The guys at EA came out to show the new Medal of Honor another game which looks visually amazing and looks to be another solid game to play and must have if you are a fan of the franchise. They also demoed Dead Space 2 which what I said about Medal of Honor applies and then some.

The guys at Valve studios came out to show a quick peek at Portal 2 which will finally be coming to Playstation 3, and Kevin Butler is also known as the VP of Sharpening Things.

After a montage of Playstation 3 games to be released in the up and coming months, came something amazing, a new Twisted Metal, with someone dressed up as Sweet Tooth on stage. The multiplayer modes, especially Nuke, looks thoroughly thought out and absolutely twisted as expected from these guys. This was my number 2 moment of the show.


Sony pretty much got everything right this year at E3 in comparison to last year, the energy was there, the content was there, it didn’t look like a bunch of empty promises and the line up of games, especially exclusives, was impressive.

Keep Us Entertained!

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