Nothing but a summer jam, bronze skin and cinnamon tans!

Alright people! Welcome back to yet another week and the start of a new month with The Infection! First off, we want to apologize for our lack of update this weekend past. Long weekend in both Canada and the U.S got alot of our members scattered to the four winds so it was decided as best that we couldn’t update until today- Monday.

So, it’s the start of a new month and therefore you all are waiting for a new theme, well we finally have one for you! No, we know you’re all getting a little bit pissed with our lack of originality with the rehashing of our themes from last year so we’ve been nice and have come up with a BRAND NEW THEME! Just for you assholes, because we love you so fucking much *muah*

The theme for the month of July 2010 is…Music and Dance! We chose this theme because of the all the wonderful things people like to do in the summer like go out, have drunken parties, listen to the new shitty teen pop superstar song and blast their sound systems in their modified import cars! Because they’re cool like that.  Ah yes, summer is the season where music and dance play an integral part in the lives of the youth. Given that we, the guys who run The Infection, are also in the prime of our youth we figure that we’ll entertain you and ourselves a bit with our summertime experience.

So, dismissing this long weekend past we’re going to go through what’s going to be happening with us this weekend to come, so lets go!

Week 1- (July 10th) Infection radio launches! Yes people, we are announcing it here and now. This weekend, we will be launching our own podcast featuring our own N@T3 as our local DJ and host of this podcast. Expect to hear some of the wickedest in original music by artists that we know as well as some mixing and selections by our favorite Dj friends. N@T3 will also be talking about whatever the hell he wants on this radio station. Also, if you’re worried about not finding your favorite Infection personalities on the station then be sure that some of us will be popping in for a visit every now and then so dont worry, we’ll keep you entertained as long as you keep us entertained!

(July 11th)- Album review for the week! Alright people so you all know we’re an opinionated bunch and we’re more than willing to talk shit even when unnecessary so it’s needless to say that we’re gonna spit hot fire for this one. We wont tell you which album we’re going to be reviewing and who’s going to review it, that’s a surprise 😉 We will tell you one thing that’s for sure, we’re not holding punches with this music album review. The album we choose can be from any year, any artist or any genre  so be sure that it’s going to be a surprise. Oh! Oh! This is going to be going on all month so expect a review every week by a different member here at The Infection!

Week 2- (July 17th) So you can expect another installment of Infection radio for this week with N@T3 doing god knows what. Otherwise, over here at the main site we’re going to open up the floor this weekend with a little article about the state of the music industry called ‘Music of massacre of mind’ by Poison. He’s going to challenge the music industry and the current state of mainstream music. Going as far as questioning if the quality of music has become worse or better over the last 20 or so years.

(July 18th)- Accompanying another album review for the week will be a little piece focusing on Dancing! For those of you who suffer from ‘lack of rhythm’  this post is for you. The piece we’ll have up for you will be talking about dance moves and hopefully teaching you some of the most basic movements to impress your friends and others with. We’re calling it ‘So you think you can’t dance?!’. From the worlds best dancers to the worst dancers we’re going to focus on all of them just so you know that anyone can dance. Doing it well is another issue we can’t really help with….

Week 3- (July 24th) A new week begins and you can expect the usual’s from us. As for the unusual this is what we have in store for you…Must have audio technology! We can’t just talk about the music but we’ve gotta talk about the technology involved in playing with the sound. Everything from your headphones and MP3 player to the a full recording studio we’re going to talk about what we recommend using and why we put our names behind it. Trust us, we’ve got engineers, DJ”s and other musicians to back us up on this so you know we’re only going to push for the best for you!

(July 25th)- ‘Music+Dance= Culture’ a simple focus on the music and dance culture scene around us right now.  We, The Infection, will go out and conduct some observational research of the music and dance culture via various different venues of entertainment.  The purpose of this is to determine where we think that music and dance culture are going to be going in the next 5, 10 and 20 years respectively.  This little study is purely opinion and we will try to find as many expert opinions as we can but be warned that some may be offended by our findings…If you can call them that.

Week 4- (July 31st)-  Alongside our promised regulars we’re going to hold the very first ‘Infection Video Music Awards’ That’s right folks, we here at The Infection will be choosing our own favorite music videos for this year and also making our choice picks of the worst videos of this year! We’re gonna get nice and nasty about it when we completely glorify or crucify some of the best and worst music videos of this year. Don’t worry, you all know that we’re not nasty without reason and we will make sure to justify our choices.

(August 1st)- To finish off the month and start off a new month we will be going out to Caribana 2010 in Toronto…In all honesty there aren’t that many of us here at The Infection who want to go but some one of us will be sacrificed volunteered for the greater good. Caribana is a celebration of music and culture that comes to Toronto once every year and it is something that we sadly cannot be bothered to miss. Alas, since we’re almost local and the celebration itself is nothing irregular to us we’ve become either bored of it or annoyed with it. This is due to the huge influx of visitors from the south or the parade getting in the way of conducting business as usual. To top it off , violence is always a must at Caribana…. But it is fun if you manage to avoid all these things!

Anyways people! Keep us entertained!  Here’s the theme song for this month!

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