An Introduction to Music – Elements of Music

The elements of music are like the elements of life, for music to exist all the elements must be in agreement if even one element is off the magic of music, the beauty of the art cannot exist. These elements are:

  • Melody
  • Dynamics
  • Tempo
  • Harmony
  • Rhythm

Melody: The melody can be defined as a set of linear notation in the form of tunes, vocals, or even chords. The melody forms the basic framework of any song. The specialty of a melody is that it can be written down with the help of staff notations. The melody is the most notable part of music any person can identify with.

Dynamics: The volume of the music is known as the dynamics. When playing traditional instruments, the musician has to control the volume manually while playing the notations however they are playing the instrument. Dynamics are described in Italian in music varying from pianissimo to fortissimo.

Tempo: The speed of the music is known as the tempo. Tempo is critical in meshing the feel of the music and works in hand with the dynamics and like dynamics is described in Italian, varying from Adagietto to Presto.

Harmony: The term harmony refers to the different notations played at different pitches, but in the same scale, and is used to make chords. Harmony is often referred to as harmonics in modern music. It said to be the vertical aspect of music. Harmony involves finding notes that sound harmonic to each other.

Rhythm: A rhythm is a set of uniform beats and notations. The idea of a repetitive beat is a very important element of rhythm, this sets a framework at which everything else is played at. The Rhythm is dependent on the tempo and like tempo help makes the magic of music.

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