Now Taking Commissions!

Alright people, first of all we apologize for our lack of updates of recent. Don’t worry we’re still active but a bit disorganized at the moment. We wont go into the details but you can be sure that Lionel is holding shit down for y’all while we take care of business. On the good note we do have some interesting updates for you!

The first big news is that we’ve got 2 artists accepting commissions here! Trust me, Poison, these two are awesome at what they do and they need to make some serious dough!

First , we’ve got Poindextra on one end doing some web/graphic design work. Lend her some support and contact her if you have any web design work you all want done for you.  Also, check out and comment on The Honesty Challenge if you wanna keep up with her or you guys can abuse us here if you want to request jobs.

Next, we’ve got Chib-bee also in need of your support! She’s listed here with us as well and if you need some great drawings done for you then you can message her on her Deviantart or link us to link her.

The final update we have for you all is that we’re planning to move soon. Yeah…Wordpress is just getting too small for us folks. It’s time for us to move up and out of the fish pond and into the ocean.  We’re also going to be selling T-Shirts soon so look out for that. The one thing that makes me happy about this move…we’re definitely going to get a short and legible url!! Jesus fucking christ it gets annoying to tell people the address of our site and hope to god they remember.Anyways…we’ve got work to do now so keep us entertained!

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