Ontario’s new zero tolerance law – what’s the beef?

Straight from the Ministry of Transportation, Ontario, website:  http://www.mto.gov.on.ca/english/safety/impaired/

As of August 1, 2010, if you are a fully licensed driver who is 21 and under or a novice driver and are caught with any alcohol in your blood, you will receive an immediate 24-hour roadside driver licence suspension and, if convicted, you will face a fine of $60-$500 and a 30-day licence suspension.

Novice drivers of all ages in the Graduated Licensing System (GLS) must also maintain a zero BAC while driving. As of August 1, 2010, if you are a novice driver and are caught with any amount of alcohol in your blood, you will receive an immediate 24-hour roadside driver licence suspension, and if convicted, will face a fine of $60-$500 and will receive a suspension period as per the Novice Driver Escalating Sanction scheme, up to and including cancellation of the novice licence. You will also have to return to the start of GLS.

A friend of mine who shall remain anonymous for the hell of it posted on their facebook status “ZERO ALCOHOL TOLERANCE FOR ALL DRIVERS 21 AND UNDER IN EFFECT AUGUST 1ST 2010…. why is the government only targeting young people…older adults drink and drive too…why the discrimination…why not make regulations that apply to ALL, young and old!”

I saw this and posted a reply, received a reply and there has been some back and forth, which I find entertaining but then I realized it is a serious issue. Young drivers think the government is targeting them with this new law… WRONG YOU DUMB ARROGANT FUCKERS! The government is not targeting you, they are deterring you from doing something stupid like having a couple drinks, decide you’re going to drop your friends home, then on that drive to the first friend’s house you swerve and BAM! GAME OVER EVERYONE DIES because you wrap you car around a tree and someone forgot to wear a seat belt added to the speed you were traveling at whiplash kills a person and the impact of your face on the steering wheel and the impulse of your brain hitting your skull kills you…. at least that is how drunk drivers die in my world, yeah I’m a sick fucker but to get my point across as to the seriousness of drinking and driving along with the audacity some people have to think the government is doing this half-assed, I need to be dramatic.

So please you young arrogant fuckers don’t drink and drive, this is not just about you, as much as your parents have you believing, this is about the other people on the road you endanger every time you do this stupid shit!

Keep Us Entertained!

3 thoughts on “Ontario’s new zero tolerance law – what’s the beef?

  1. id just like to say zzzz suck my dick while i fall asleep. this is age discrimination at its finest. i am totally against impaired driving. yet notice how i said “impaired driving” as opposed to “drinking and driving” thats because even tho i can drink a beer and be completely unaffected(oh my god i know right?!! who would believe it!!) i am still a responsible driver. i know my limits.

    the issue isnt with the age of a driver. its their experience, driving record, and the ability to know their limit. iv had a clean driving record since i was 16. no tickets, no accidents, and yes i get drunk. a lot. but i dont drive when i cant drive. im currently 20. yet i know somebody whos 24, with 3+ speeding tickets and 2 accidents. hes had his G liscence for about the same amount of time as i have. whats the difference? i get slammed by this BS law and now i have to call a taxi each time i have half a beer. what a joke.

    so what i understand is that its completely fine to drink and drive when im 22 years old? OKAY 🙂

    and what i dont understand is how this law does NOT violate my rights as a canadian citizen not to be discriminated against. Might as well just say women can no longer be allowed to drive at all. and old people. and black people. same thing right?

    1. Just because you know your limits doesn’t mean everyone else does, there are a lot of young drivers who honestly are full of shit and say they know their limit, but it doesn’t matter because it takes one wrong mistake and one wrong judgment error and everything can go wrong. As for your friend with 3+ speeding tickets from those alone he would have his license suspended and his insurance would be fucked.

      Age is a serious issue, the younger the driver the more immature they tend to be, take street racing for example, the crackdown wasn’t caused by people in their mid-thirties who just got their licenses, it was because of a pair of teens who though it was a good idea and in the process a cabbie died. Age coincides with maturity and as people get older they tend to have more responsibilities and tend not to make the same decision they would have made when they were 20 because you haven’t lived life yet at 20, you haven’t seen anything at 20.

      It’s not that at 22 years old, you may be any better than you were at 21 but the OPP and the lawmakers supposedly did their homework and found statistics to support the age limit, that most cases of DUI for young drivers happen between the ages of 19 and 21. I haven’t seen the statistics but from what I have seen around me, and in the media, it does mainly come from that age group.

      This law is far from BS it’s a pretty damn good deterrent and your comment just goes to show it that even under half a beer you would make the conscience effort to not do it, that’s all they want to happen, people to adjust their decision making as to not fuck up other people’s lives. That’s why there’s R.I.D.E. among other programs and legislation.

      And you need to study some charter law before you make that final statement. Point blank, Section one from the Canadian Charter, an I quote ” The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms guarantees the rights and freedoms set out in it subject only to such reasonable limits prescribed by law as can be demonstrably justified in a free and democratic society.” Key words are reasonable limits which means at anytime the rest of the charter can be over ridden per the discretion of the lawmakers, the charter guarantees nothing, it’s there as a formality. And it’s only a matter of time before the is a bigger crackdown on older drivers. And if they did try and do that to women and/or black people it would never pass, the feds would come down hard on the legislation.

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