Risk Chapter 12

Holy shit people! It’s been nearly a year since we updated this story but after receiving some feedback I realized that it’s time to get to finishing this story. Especially since we’re going to be shutting down our doors at the end of this year, I figure that it’s time for us to get this story finished and over with once and for all!

Now, as you all know we haven’t really been posting as much as we normally do in the past month but tomorrow we have an announcement for you all! Yes, yet another announcement from The Infection regarding…us! Yeah, we know you all are getting tired of the announcements but think of it like this…we’re planning and doing things because we do want to keep you all as entertained as we’ve been kept by you.  Now! I proudly present Risk chapter 12!

Chapter 12

This is it, we’ve seen enough already to know what’s coming after this chapter…death, betrayal and agony, but that’s the way I like it sometimes, readers. Etch is going to get the girl back (oh so predictable) Poison and Script are going to find something in G.K’s apartment that’s going to knock their socks off (I’m shocked) and G.K…Well, we don’t know what’s been happening to her now, do we? Well the timeframe has only been like two days total but then G.K only does have a week in Brazil, so let’s finish up this business back home and get to see how things are doing for our gambling kitty.

Poison and Script drove towards G.K’s house. They were tired and sleep deprived but that was a norm in their line of business, to be honest, soon it would be bedtime for them. The Sun raised its head over the skyscrapers and burned their eyes as its radiant light flowed into the car and they both hissed in agony. They were near the end of their investigation into the death of Dust but with what they knew they were somewhat satisfied and did not wish to know the rest of the reasons why she had to die. Poison was content in knowing that his name was cleared and he had a vague idea of why Dust was dead, that was enough for him. On the other hand, Script was obsessed and wanted to know everything, but with what he knew he was caught between respecting her and not looking into it or looking into it and finding out why the girl of his dreams was only just a fleeting memory now. They took their sweet time driving, even though they could go faster, and they even stopped to eat, clean up and sleep for a bit. They were driving when Script asked Poison a question.

“You really think it’s a good idea to go into G.K’s house when she’s not around?” he asked

“Obviously not, we’re committing a crime, breaking and entering” replied Poison

“But what if we wait till she comes back, we know enough right now, right?” said Script.

With that Poison did a U-Turn and sped towards the highway and the abandoned flea market, it was a beautiful morning.

Meanwhile, Etch stood at the top of the waterfall as dawn’s light broke through the hole at the top of the sanctuary. He was ready to be a man. He stood there looking down at the figure of his angel as she and the devil of sounds, Spectrum, slept peacefully in the grass below. He felt so damn cool doing this. He then looked around and found the ladder on the side, so he went down. He quietly treads through the water as the bats that were out for the night poured in above him to their resting place. He silently stepped onto the grass; he would surprise her and walk out without Spectrum to bother them. He came close to her and was about to reach out to touch her when a bat flew past his head and startled him but she did not wake up, someone else did. Spectrum woke up with a start and immediately moved back from Etch to take a more defensive position before he realized that it was Etch. Etch Stood there and whispered “shhh” as Spectrum was about to talk. Etch looked back his fair maiden as she slept in the sweet green grass, her long silvery hair and light caramel skin was so exotic, he longed to caress it again and he would as soon as they were together again. His hand reached out towards her and then Spectrum tapped him on the arm, he turned around and in a hushed voice he asked

“What is it?” in an angry and impatient tone

“Don’t wake her, she just got to sleep and she’s been bawling all night to me about different shit” said Spectrum

“No, this can’t wait!” replied Etch

“Your funeral” said Spectrum

Etch then returned to the task at hand, wake up sleeping beauty and carry her away just like in the story but once again he was stopped. His hand reached out to her and then a booming loud voice came from the top of the waterfall.

“Woooooo!!!!!!” yelled the loud, annoying, voice. It was recognizable as Poison’s voice. Etch was annoyed and he picked up a nearby rock to throw at the jackass. The jackass in name came into his sights and the whipped his rock at the man who fell off the waterfall and into the small pond. Sketch was still asleep, that was good, and nothing would ruin his moment of glory. Etch took one last look around and was sure that nothing would disturb him. He gently rubbed her shoulder and she woke, her steely grey eyes were illuminated by the morning light making them look like silver, she yawned and then instinctively hugged him as if nothing had gone wrong between them. Poison and Spectrum stood behind them mindlessly as they tried to look cool in the morning light, but they knew that they couldnt so Poison decided to ruin the moment.

“Yo! Lovebirds, it’s time we leave this place” said Poison as he looked around at the tapestry.

He was obviously scared of this place, it was because he could feel the spirit of the person who made this place and he somehow felt that his presence angered the spirit of this place. A rock was thrown at Poison again and the two people behind him were laughing, he knew it was time for him to leave so he began to walk towards the ladder by the waterfall. Spectrum was already climbing as Poison was about to follow when Etch called him.

“Yo, Poison! Hold up for a bit” said Etch

“Aight” replied Poison

Sketch ran past Poison and up the ladder while Etch walked towards him.

“What you need?” asked Poison.

Etch looked around and saw that there was nobody around, it was perfect. Etch picked up a rock while Poison watched.

“What you need?” asked Poison once again.

Etch walked up to him and with a sudden swing he bludgeoned him in the side of the head with the rock. Poison staggered around for a bit and cursed before Etch kicked him into the water and he was out cold.

“I need you gone, that’s what I need” said Etch as Poison’s body floated in the small pond with the fish.

Etch stood over the shallow water looking at Poison’s body float in silence. He couldn’t see Poison breathing and even so he assumed that he would drown if left alone, no matter what Poison of A-Soul was dead. As Etch watched the body he then realized what he had done, he had killed a man and it wasn’t just any man he had killed, it was Poison of A-Soul.

He frantically began to look around for a place to hide the body but there was nowhere. He didn’t have much time before the others would begin to suspect something was wrong, he had to hide the body quickly. All around him there was a calm and serene setting only disturbed by the sight of a lifeless black man in a suit floating in the water.

He kept looking around for anything that could help. ‘Maybe I can hide the body by weighing it down with rocks’ he thought to himself. He looked around him and saw an abundance of rocks but there wasn’t anything to tie the rocks to the body as well as the water still being too shallow to hide a body in. He closed his eyes and began to think ‘Ok…that won’t work, what if I- but his thought was interrupted by a new idea and a sound.

In the sewer was a blocked off pipe that kept the sewage water from mixing with the clean water in the sanctuary. It was upon hearing the sound of the water against the wall and setting his eyes on this pipe that his idea took form. He quickly began his work and began to pull at the weak blocks in by the pipe.

He slowly and painfully pulled away one of the blocks that had been set in place for over 50 years. Erosion had taken its toll on the wall as he pulled one piece of brick away and blackened sewage water began to trickle in and contaminate the pure water of the sanctuary. He then pulled away at more bricks until he heard a great angry moan from the wall. It was as if the lovers of the forbidden place had expressed their anger before pieces of the wall began to fall and years of built up pressure gushed forth and began to destroy the wall.

Etch then quickly ran for the ladder as the sanctuary quickly filled up with blackened water. As he climbed to the top of the waterfall he had the chance to glance at Poison as his body was absorbed into the black sewage water.

The forbidden place was no more as Etch climbed back to the flea market. Etch came out of the sewer alone and then Spectrum asked where Poison was, Etch replied

“He said to come back to pick him up when he calls, he’s looking at the tapestry”

“Aight, then lets go” said Spectrum.
They drove off in the morning light together, it was a beautiful day

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