The Final Countdown!

Alright people, welcome to The Infection! Those of you who are new to this lovely blog can call me Poison Apple. Alas, for you newcomers this is the last time you’ll hear from me for this year…I will be back in 2011 and I’ll be back as a much more entertaining, enriching and enlightening experience for you all! For those of you who are familiar with the blog, you may be shocked and find it sudden that I’ve come to this decision. Hell, if you read yesterday’s post then you’ll probably be going …

“What the fuck man! They want to make The Infection better by getting rid of Poison and on top of that Lionel is gone for the month! There is no god…or is there?”

Well no, I’m not cruel enough to leave you all hanging without a bone to pick at. Although I will say that Lionel will be strangling me at Fan Expo for sure.  Still, I owe you all a full explanation for my sudden leave of absence from the front lines at The Infection. Yes, I said leave of absence from THE FRONT LINES.  So I’ll be in the back with the others but be sure you won’t see me on the show floor for the next few months.  Now…my reasons for leaving!

To be blunt…I’m not pleased with myself as an artist. Yes I’ve managed to help make some of your lives a little bit more entertaining etc. but personally I haven’t improved much at all. You see, first and foremost I am supposed to be a professional visual artist. Drawing, sketching, painting and all that is supposed to be my strong point but of late it hasn’t been. My first love of visual art has somehow taken a bit of a backseat to my mistress of writing. I’m sorry but…if drawing is the wife and the mistress is being a bit of a home wrecker whore, I’ve gotta give it up.

First, I want to apologize to you all again. My reasons for leaving are petty and not only that but I’ve been out of sight for nearly a month now then I pull this stunt. I dislike myself for doing it but it’s the truth. I need to get serious and get my act together when it comes to my visual art so as much as leaving you all hurts me, I can live without you if that’s what it means.

Now some of you may be smart and think ‘oh, he’s going to abandon The Infection for a bit again but that only means he’s moving over to Deviantart for a bit ‘. Well kids, you’re wrong. So very wrong because this time its much worse. I’ve become so disgusted with myself that I deleted my entire gallery on Deviantart.   Yes, my Deviantart will be updated eventually but there will be new rules I’ve set in place for myself.

The first rule being that my gallery will have no more than 10 pieces up at a time. Yeah, nice as it is to have people look at my old work and compare it to more recent works I know now that it only distracts from what’s wrong with my current work. This is because they have older and much worse work to look at. This is when people can say ‘oh look they’ve improved so much, it’s awesome’ when it still sucks overall.  Yeah, some people might argue against it but I think it’s for the best that I retire old works and show the people only where I am now and not where I was.  By doing this I force myself to seriously think before I put something up and know that in order for a piece to go up I need it to be a stronger piece than the one I put up before it.  I’ll take quality over quantity thanks.

The second rule for my new gallery is that I will have no more journals on Deviantart.  My old journals will be available to look at but the fact is that if I start writing journals it may turn into a full out blog over there. The next thing you know I’ll have those of you who follow me (all of whom I love) just come over to my Deviant art and start reading over there. Not cool at all people.  As for the artist statements on the works, they never really mattered but I will try to make them short, sweet and to the point. Oh yes, those of you who are with People on Portfolio’s can still rely on me to try to lend a helping hand every now and then since I too am in the process of learning. It’s always good to share information when you’re looking to learn.

If you go over to my Deviant gallery right now then you’ll see my last and latest journal post that basically states all of the above.

Now, some of you are wondering what the hell is going to happen this month at The Infection.  Poison is gone, Lionel is off and the others are rarely seen…It seems like the beginning of a great disaster movie. Well I can tell you right now that Poison always prevails! I have a plan and you’re all going to fucking like it! 

First off, we’re going to have a replacement for me. Yes my lovely minions we will have someone here to fill the gap in but we just have no clue who that it is since we have so many bloody willing and able candidates.  Although I will say that Lionel might end up castrating two out of my three favorites. The only reason he can’t castrate the third is because she has no penis to be castrated from her…I hope.

Second of all, we’re making some slight final improvements to the show. Like getting rid of the monthly theme for good! I think I heard a collective groan and a scream somewhere in the distance. I won’t be surprised if you all beg us not to make any more ‘improvements ‘ever again. This final improvement of getting rid of the monthly theme will now allow us to stay on any topic we want for however long we need to until we’re satisfied.  We feel that some of the topics we bring up here can go on for days, weeks or months (not that we want that) but we just can’t and we sometimes leave things hanging. Part of this can be blamed on a lot of things but there’s another simple reason for this…it’s fucking hard to think of a bloody theme every month. This is why we’ve decided to narrow down our subject matter to these few things

  • Sex
  • Politics
  • Philosophy
  • Arts
  • Technology

We now talk about all of these things from an artist’s point of view.  Every week, by our choice, we can talk about anything in this range of subjects.  You guys, the readers, are now also free to suggest conversation topics and direct them at specific members. So if you want Lionel to talk about his opinion on nuclear weapons then please feel free to harass us about the issue. If you want to hear Cronus and his opinion on the latest gaming hardware or why your computer is shit then feel free. If you want to talk to- well you get the idea.  This new format now allows us to jump from issue to issue without worrying about having to keep up with a monthly theme. If it’s an issue that requires an opinion or discussion then let’s get it out there for you, the people, to talk about.  We’ve seen you all talk about the new Zero tolerance law with drivers under 21 in Canada and that got us thinking, ‘why the fuck not’.

All in all people, I’m going to post the remainder of Snowflake for you all to read and with that my business here is done for the year. You can find me at Fan Expo if you’re in Toronto at the end of the month and I’ll have the pictures up for you all to see but don’t expect a post from me. 2010 has been great and it really does hurt me to leave but watch, comment and critique me on Deviantart. Thank you all people, hope to see you in 2011 at the new site!

I’ve been entertained!

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