Bwuh? Update?

Soooo yeah… Scott Pligrim and the Expendables

Yeah, go see them. Even if only to see Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger, banter for a few seconds of screen-time about moves only nerds and old people care about.

“But wait Script! I’m a nerd! and or old person! I found Rambo First Blood Part 2 and Die Hard to be quite the enjoyable experiences! I’m offended you whippersnapper!”

Well didn’t I tell you to go see the movie? You fucking asshole!

Oh yeah I forgot to mention Bruce Willis made a cameo too! I just didn’t recognize him right away because his face didn’t have any blood stains.

but seriously you NEED to see this movie guy. Even if its only to see Jet Li and Jason Statham team up in a fever of Call of Duty style fantasy violence. So go give Stallone your money. All of it. Go on, get!

Oh yeah Scott Pilgrim vs The World. A movie based on a graphic novel with a side-scrolling beat’em’up based on the movie and graphic novel on the Playstation…3…?

Yeah check it out if you haven’t already, Nothing like the comics but what did you expect? C’mon hollywood has been reaming us for the past what? 10 years? on films based on books, the mediums just don’t translate into each other well, and don’t get me started on films based on anime *involuntary seizure* did you forget about *shudders* Dragonball Evolution?

You did?
– Fuck you.

Stay Entertained people!

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