Hey so, you remember Power Rangers right?

Yeah, The Mighty Morphing Power Rangers, a TV series that defined, at the very least, a large part of my early childhood. Way back in 1993 is about the earliest I can remember, I would wake up bathe and find my way into the living room and turn on the TV to watch “Power Rangers” I’m sure there are many with similar stories of Saturday morning sessions and school yard brawls about which ranger was better I knew I had a few, Somehow they all boiled down to Red Ranger (Jason) Vs Green Ranger (Tommy). Personally I always thought The Red Ranger was by far the best, others; more like bandwagon jumpers, liked Red then switched over to White…

“White Tiger-Zord”  they would cry to which I would reply “Fuck you the fucking Red Tyrannosaurs-Zord would fucking eat that pussy Tiger so shut your pie hole”

Ok so maybe I didn’t say that but the next all rebuttals would be the same “No the Tiger-Zord is better than the Dragon-Zord the Red T-Rex got destroyed!”

And honestly they were right there Red Ranger fans kinda got fucked by the pussy Red Dragon-Zord when season 2 came around. Why wasn’t the Red Dragon(Zord) as epic as the Green Dragonzord?! But seriously all the Rangers took a Nerf season 2 with the new “Mystical Zords” but no one got fucked more than the Blue Ranger Aka: Billy:

Seriously? The UNICORN? fuck I felt bad for the blue guy even the girly pink ranger got a better Zord (Firebird) its no wonder he turned out to be gay.

Yeah he seriously did end up being gay; But think about it, way back before we knew what being gay was Billy was pretty gay.

Theres the interview with David Yost, If you care enough to fact check like I did.

But damn it makes so much sense yet so unexpected…

Stay Entertained People.

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