Re: The Infection’s hottest cosplay of 2010…fuck you all!

Dear god this has been an issue…we’re definitely doing this again next year.

Alright, so earlier this month or sometime ago we awarded the prize of number one cosplay of 2010 to some hag we don’t know.  We then found another hag in our archives that we realized we had overlooked and revoked the title to make that hag the new reigning champion. THEN Cronus comes to me with a slight issue we had regarding the revoking of said title and…fuck it. We’re done deciding and arguing over this retarded issue. It’s become so retarded that I’ve been forced to make an appearance on the show floor although I’m not supposed to be here! So…we’re leaving this to the people to decide from now on. Fuck you all and goodbye.

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Immigration Inquisition

On August 13th history repeated itself… almost, a boat docked on the British Columbia Coast with 492 Tamil migrants (for all intents and purposes they shall be referred to as such for the rest of the post) aboard, after a four month journey and expected to be welcomed with open arms, that was not the case, and that was almost the right decision to make, except my democratically elected (minority) conservative government failed me and the rest of the Canadian population by detaining them and looking into who these people are. The correct decision to make was to send that boat back to the dock it came from and put the people back on that soil, if it happens to be Sri Lanka then they don’t have far to go to get home. This is far from what some readers will look at this and call it a ‘heartless and cruel’ choice, this is, and would have been, the best choice to make for many reasons. Continue reading

New York New York

Yo Infection, Sorry ’bout the break, I was in New York, New Yorking things If you get my meaning. Anyways as I have been fucking driving fucking everywhere for fucking forever, I feel quite out of touch in the world right now, Also I hate politics, but having been to New York I can say that 9/11 is still felt in the cultural memory of the USA, 9 years later and people still remember.

(Insert tasteless joke about forgetful fat-ass Americans)

RE: Its still a big deal.

So sort of in response to Solstice’s post about this community centre; I find myself wondering why people care if they build a Mosque across the street  from Ground Zero. I mean its a free country right? and if its making people angry why don’t you build it somewhere else? Also if it is going to become a place where Americans will rally against Islam isn’t that bad? You can build a community centre anywhere you want why across the street from ground zero?(I know its not really across the street)

Why would you create an issue like this so unnecessarily?

Personally It seems like propaganda, how better to keep the memory of 9/11 in present memory than by creating controversy around the issue. Remember America is fighting a war and a lot of the Americans I talked to know someone who fought or is fighting in Iraq or Afghanistan.

I think what I’m trying to say is people in America don’t want to forget, that 9/11 happened. 9 years is a long time in cultural memory longer than you may think what with the attention span of the average American.

Solstice I have to agree with you on your point about Americans against cultural, racial and religious diversity but in my opinion this issue is more about 9/11 than it is about this Community Centre.

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The Infection’s 5 sexiest cosplays of the year

With our convention season over Poison asked me to do what I do best …. make a list…. of what I feel are the five sexiest cosplays of the year which required me to go through a lot of pictures and I mean A LOT, I personally had approximately 300 picture from Anime North, alone and we went to 3 conventions this year. To go with the sexy factor the cosplays also had to be accurate, it could not be  So this was honestly the hardest list I have had to make to make life easy for me I gave out five honourable mentions because I personally felt had I not done top 5 these would have made the list so in no particular order, honourable mentions goes to *drum roll*: Continue reading

Greetings and Hello!

Greetings ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, transsexuals and intersexed individuals alike. My name is Solstice and I have been enlisted by the fine gentleman Poison to help with posting on his leave of absence. As grateful as I am for a slice of the infected apple so to say, this did come quite unexpectedly. For instance:

Poison – “You’re hired.”
Solstice – “O_O WHAT?”

Unlike Script X, I am not a writer, nor am I musician, and I most definitely cannot draw. Why then am I on The Infection?
Heck if I know. Personally, I think Poison is getting desperate.

I shall warn everyone that I have a tendency to ramble, curse, swear, and above all, ramble, when I write about subjects. I shall do my best to be as entertaining and exact as Poison, Script X, Lionel, Cronus, and the other fine members of this establishment.

Let’s get this train wreck on the road!

Today’s topic: the “mosque” on Ground Zero.

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Back from Vacation… And giving you some nice American vacation spots

Walked out of Caesars Palace with that! THE HOUSE DOESN'T ALWAYS WIN AGAINST LIONEL HEART!

I hope Script has been keeping you entertained while I have been on vacation, and Poison on a personal exile, and I come back with something, hopefully, entertaining; American vacation spots! Being Canadian we know our own backyard is pretty big with a lot of things to see why go American, I spent most of my vacation south of the border and driving, in nice places mind you. So in no particular order….

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