Back from Vacation… And giving you some nice American vacation spots

Walked out of Caesars Palace with that! THE HOUSE DOESN'T ALWAYS WIN AGAINST LIONEL HEART!

I hope Script has been keeping you entertained while I have been on vacation, and Poison on a personal exile, and I come back with something, hopefully, entertaining; American vacation spots! Being Canadian we know our own backyard is pretty big with a lot of things to see why go American, I spent most of my vacation south of the border and driving, in nice places mind you. So in no particular order….

1. Atlantic City – Just got back from there, now it’s the closest thing in driving distance to Vegas as you can get to; bright lights, overpriced drinks, a lot of places to party on the boardwalk and too many places to piss away you money.

2. Boston – Did this trip last year, nice to just see a city other than your own without so many attractions, if you ever get there go whale watching, absolutely amazing.

3. Chicago – The Windy City, it’s kind of like Toronto, ahh who am I kidding it’s almost a carbon copy, tall buildings and a so-so night life.

4. Philadelphia -The City of Brotherly Love, that city just has energy that you want to go for, or the 1 1/2 hour drive west to Hershey, PA for you guessed it, Hershey World, everything chocolate, a carton of cookies and cream chocolate for $21.75 USD and tax free, the state of Pennsylvania has 0% shopping tax which also makes it good for shopping at its outlet malls.

5. Manhattan – Not New York and its surrounding regions (Queens, Bronx, Richmond Hill, Jamaica, Brooklyn, Long Island. etc), just Manhattan in the summer that city don’t f*ckin sleep there is always something to do

Bonus: Your own backyard, if you’re reading this in the summer fire up that bar-be-que, call some friends over and drink the shit out of yourself; you live life once make the most of it!

Keep Us Entertained!

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