Greetings and Hello!

Greetings ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, transsexuals and intersexed individuals alike. My name is Solstice and I have been enlisted by the fine gentleman Poison to help with posting on his leave of absence. As grateful as I am for a slice of the infected apple so to say, this did come quite unexpectedly. For instance:

Poison – “You’re hired.”
Solstice – “O_O WHAT?”

Unlike Script X, I am not a writer, nor am I musician, and I most definitely cannot draw. Why then am I on The Infection?
Heck if I know. Personally, I think Poison is getting desperate.

I shall warn everyone that I have a tendency to ramble, curse, swear, and above all, ramble, when I write about subjects. I shall do my best to be as entertaining and exact as Poison, Script X, Lionel, Cronus, and the other fine members of this establishment.

Let’s get this train wreck on the road!

Today’s topic: the “mosque” on Ground Zero.

So for those of you that have not heard of this issue, I will sum it up as this. There is an Imam whose name is Abdul Rauf, and he has proposed to build a building about two blocks away from Ground Zero. This building will replace an old coat factory that is no longer in business. What is being built there will be a centre for spiritual guidance.

Quick definitions for those of you who do not know what’s what.

Imam – Islamic religious leader. Often in charge of leading others in the daily prayers.

Ground Zero – the now vacant site that used to house the Twin Towers.

Mosque – simply put, an Islamic religious building.

I personally want this building to be built. Do I think that people will be offended? Heck yes. Do I also think that this building will be subject to vandalism by bigots who don’t know any better? Yes I do. Why then, am I for this building?

Well first off, let me say, that contrary to popular belief, this building is NOT A MOSQUE. To get my point across, I will show you some pictures.

The above there would be what every person would think what a mosque is.

This is what is being built two blocks away from Ground Zero.

Just to reiterate that point one more time.

A mosque.

What is being built:

See the difference?

From the humble, though sometimes dangerous, abode of the Internet, what I have gathered from various sources is that this building will cost around $100 million dollars. Yep, that’s right. $100 million big ones to build this community centre.

Wait what? A community centre?!

That’s right. A community centre. The community centre is planned to be either 13 or 15 stories high, will have a swimming pool, a basketball court, a theatre for 500 guests, a restaurant, a culinary school (for people like me who can set toast on fire), and a prayer space. I’m betting that some of you will have their arms up in the air saying that there is a mosque on one of the floors. Not so, sorry to disappoint. The floor (from my understanding) is a basically a large room for Muslims, Christians, Jewish people, Buddhists, Sufis, etc… alike. To pray, hold festivities, and the such. To take words straight out of the Imam’s mouth, “The center would be like a YMCA.” Heck, YMCAs are built all around America, what is wrong with this version? I would have to venture a guess that the reason that America is so against this building is because of what it represents. What this building represents is freedom of religious practice and tolerance, which in my opinion, Americans preach but do not act out. By rejecting these building plans, cannon fodder will be given to those who intend to destroy America from within. Once you reject that building you reject the notion of freedom of speech, freedom of practice, and tolerance.

To me this building would be beneficial for the U.S because, I believe that in order to bridge this stupid gap of racism between Muslims and the rest of America, there needs to be some ballsy grand gesture of peace made with both feet rooted in the ground. Along with a whole, “We’re here, and there, but mostly here and we are going to stay and make this place better.” Personally, I believe that if a prayer centre for my religion was built relatively near where assholes carried out my religion incorrectly, it would serve as a daily reminder to myself how not to act, what incorrect beliefs and actions are, how far they had strayed from God, and so on and so forth. I also find it offensive that people are opposing to build something two blocks away from Ground Zero because it will remind them of the Muslims who attacked the trade centres. How the hell is that supposed to remind you of the jackasses who hijacked the planes?! The people who hijacked the planes do not represent Muslims as a whole, they are in their own camp called the Wahhabi, and they are not what Muslims would consider Muslims!

Did I also mention that plans for this building also contain a memorial for the victims and families of 9/11?

I do not believe that the intentions of the person spearheading the project and the people supporting this project, is to figuratively burn the American flag. I believe that instead, they are figuratively washing the flag the dirt, crap, and shit that has been thrown around ever since the Twin Towers were struck down.

And here some asshole is going to burn Korans on the ninth anniversary of the destruction of the twin towers.

Discuss, and I do hope that I have done justice to Poison’s site.

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