The Infection’s 5 sexiest cosplays of the year

With our convention season over Poison asked me to do what I do best …. make a list…. of what I feel are the five sexiest cosplays of the year which required me to go through a lot of pictures and I mean A LOT, I personally had approximately 300 picture from Anime North, alone and we went to 3 conventions this year. To go with the sexy factor the cosplays also had to be accurate, it could not be  So this was honestly the hardest list I have had to make to make life easy for me I gave out five honourable mentions because I personally felt had I not done top 5 these would have made the list so in no particular order, honourable mentions goes to *drum roll*:

I know this Lara Croft looks pretty good and is a good costume but its a little too easy for a cosplay but gets the nod for honourable mention.

No this wasn’t a bonafide cosplay but she had my mojo going with that dress.

These four ladies down in front not only had a very sexy cosplay of their respective characters from the Batman series but they were also very, very well done I can tell you who each of those characters are, ladies my hat’s off to you.

The DeLorean! I have never seen one outfitted like this, respect to the guy who did this, I love cars so for me this is sexy, unconventional sexy but sexy.

J-Ladies you were all good from Hatsune Miku to the Original Gundam, but when you see who made my list, then you will know why you are an honourable mention.

Now for my top 5 starting with number 5:

She held more cute than sexy but both her costume accuracy and keyblade were sexy in my books so she gets number 5.

Number 4:

The Sailor Scouts were all good along with their performance at Anime North 2010 they brought the sex appeal but there was just some missing intangible that they didn’t have which my top 3 did.

Number 3:

Rikku from Final Fantasy X-2 was clearly sexy and spunky and had great costume accuracy(missing the thief blades), I know number 3 is just right.

Number 2:

Von Karma was absolutely sizzling during her performance and I loved the costume accuracy and they way she portrayed as a character.

Which leaves me to number 1:

Now this is sexy, costume and all… Enough said, bonus is that she really looks like Gloria from “Devil May Cry 4”

Think some of the placements are wrong, leave a comment tell me where you think some of these people should be, think someone from our gallery is missing from this list, let me know in the  comments section.

Keep Us Entertained!

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