New York New York

Yo Infection, Sorry ’bout the break, I was in New York, New Yorking things If you get my meaning. Anyways as I have been fucking driving fucking everywhere for fucking forever, I feel quite out of touch in the world right now, Also I hate politics, but having been to New York I can say that 9/11 is still felt in the cultural memory of the USA, 9 years later and people still remember.

(Insert tasteless joke about forgetful fat-ass Americans)

RE: Its still a big deal.

So sort of in response to Solstice’s post about this community centre; I find myself wondering why people care if they build a Mosque across the street  from Ground Zero. I mean its a free country right? and if its making people angry why don’t you build it somewhere else? Also if it is going to become a place where Americans will rally against Islam isn’t that bad? You can build a community centre anywhere you want why across the street from ground zero?(I know its not really across the street)

Why would you create an issue like this so unnecessarily?

Personally It seems like propaganda, how better to keep the memory of 9/11 in present memory than by creating controversy around the issue. Remember America is fighting a war and a lot of the Americans I talked to know someone who fought or is fighting in Iraq or Afghanistan.

I think what I’m trying to say is people in America don’t want to forget, that 9/11 happened. 9 years is a long time in cultural memory longer than you may think what with the attention span of the average American.

Solstice I have to agree with you on your point about Americans against cultural, racial and religious diversity but in my opinion this issue is more about 9/11 than it is about this Community Centre.

Stay Entertained people! Spread the Infection of knowledge! Propagate the apple people!

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