Immigration Inquisition

On August 13th history repeated itself… almost, a boat docked on the British Columbia Coast with 492 Tamil migrants (for all intents and purposes they shall be referred to as such for the rest of the post) aboard, after a four month journey and expected to be welcomed with open arms, that was not the case, and that was almost the right decision to make, except my democratically elected (minority) conservative government failed me and the rest of the Canadian population by detaining them and looking into who these people are. The correct decision to make was to send that boat back to the dock it came from and put the people back on that soil, if it happens to be Sri Lanka then they don’t have far to go to get home. This is far from what some readers will look at this and call it a ‘heartless and cruel’ choice, this is, and would have been, the best choice to make for many reasons.

  1. This would not be the first, second, or even third time the Canadian government turned a boat filled with migrants (and I used that term very loosely) back to their origin with all of the people on board, the government can apologize in 40 years after this has all blown over and no one remembers that this ever happened, they did it before you can do it again.
  2. These people jumped the immigration line; when you cut in line in high school someone kicked your ass and someone got hurt. Don’t cut the immigration line because you hold someone’s more dire case back from being resolved, which leads me to my next point…
  3. If Sri Lanka is so bad, stop associating yourselves with a (now defunct) militia, who mercilessly kill people and come to this country and run your mouths about  your associations with said militia, because no one will take you, your families or your plights seriously.
  4. This whole thing is a burden on the system and those who will be accepted will also be a burden on the system because they will feel they have the same rights to all the services tax payers receive (universal health care, welfare, etc) because, back to point number 2, you jumped the line.
  5. Worse off, people who are pregnant and give birth will want their child to receive Canadian citizenship because they were born on this land (although illegally), and feel we can’t deport them because that would be unconstitutional and inhumane.

But even after the above reasons are repeated over and over, and my voice is ‘heard’ there still will not be a proper inquiry into the Canadian immigration system as well as the prosecution and deportation of those who jump the line. Think I’m wrong, think you have a solution, you know where to leave a comment.

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