Top 10 wonderful Halloween costume ideas and Top 10 shitty Halloween costume ideas for 2010

Since this was a hit last year I’m bringing back, updated and in style; again 10 wonderful and 10 shitty ideas for good old Halloween.

note: Some from last year will be on this year’s list because they deserve to be there good or bad…

The wonderful:

10) General Halo Grunts –> Commemorating the release of Halo: Reach and the longstanding Halo game series, not that I personally like the game series, the grunts look pretty cool….

9) Vintage Dante from Devil May Cry –> That’s right vintage Dante because the new one by  Ninja Theory looks like he came out of the Twilight series.

8) Generic Jedi from Star Wars –> See last year, they get bumped up this year.

7) Batman –> Forget what I said about DC last year, I think I was mad at a DC movie at the time, Batman is the most reasonable cartoon character to replicate on Halloween

6) Jesus –> I haven’t seen one in a while, bonus for barbed wire

Numbers 5 through 3 are strictly for women!

5) Female Professionals which can be made sexy –> Cops, Teachers, Secretaries, Nurses… anything that can be made sexy!

4) Anything with a short skirt –> umm yeah…. I don’t think I need a further description

3) Female Capcom Characters –> 😀 😀 they even have their own 2011 calender

2) Vintage Wolverine –> There is nothing better than the “kill me” Wolverine in yellow and blue.

1) Starcraft II Terran Marine or Firebat (and not to be sexist, MEDIC!) –> No other needs to be number 1 this isn’t too hard to do, if you watch the intro to Starcraft II you can see the Marine suit in pieces pretty much, Jimmy is a cool guy to do as well.

I probably looked like Jim Raynor (see above) after I wrote the next list.

The shitty:

10) Justin Bieber  –> I really don’t know what to say about this one but the fact that this needs to make the list, he gets the shoe in at 10.

9) Spider-man  –> I don’t think anyone listened to me last year when I said I didn’t want to see anymore Spider-man costumes.

8) Darth Vader  –> see Spider-man

7) Michael Jackson –> Last year this was bad, this year it’s not as bad… it’s still bad.

6) The cast of Final Fantasy VII –>As I said last year, I could mention any other Final Fantasy game but this one seems to be the one done the worst proportionally

5) Iron man –> For fuck sake no one is Tony Stark and no one has the money to invest to get this really done properly, so please have mercy on Marvel’s creations and stop spitting on them with your very poor replicas.

4) Barack Obama –> ummm yeah, I think the fact that its Barack Obama says it all.

3) Bill Clinton –> This year is the tenth anniversary of Bill Clinton’s last year in office, I can already imagine the amount of people coming to my door with Bill Clinton masks saying “I did not have sexual relations with that woman”, it was funny right after the incident, hell I did it, but ten years after the fact and after he’s cleaned his image up… Please leave my boy Big Bill alone.

2) Tiger Woods –> Some people must be confused as to how last year’s wonderful number 6 became shitty number 2 because this will be some jackass in a polo sweater and khakis with 18 women… see why this is a shitty idea?

1)  The cast of Jersey Shore –> To quote his deadliness, Spawn, “Where you’re going, everyday is Halloween!”, how appropriate, -_-, these dumbasses put on fake tans and get drunk like everyday is Saturday, dressing up as these dumbasses, would be like…. don’t even get me started, shitty idea NUMERO UNO! Don’t do it, I catch you in the street dressed like one of them and I will run you down with my car then beat the absolute shit out of you, there is no sober reason to do this you are not commemorating a dead superstar or icon, your dressing up like any other drunk jackass out there.

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