Why should we care?

So as you all see folks we’re on a bit of a roll this month with the posts here at The Infection. Oh well, in all fairness we’re writing about an extremely easy subject here so it would be hard for us to fuck up on this. Anyways, to get onto topic today I’m in the mood to talk about protesting and activism. You all know that I went to the went to the G20 in Toronto this year and if not then you can look up the G20 post yourself. For the record, I did nothing illegal while I was down there. I was strictly there to photograph and document history as it happened. So all of you shit for brains who want to chew me up as one of the anarchists can EAT A DICK. I just happened to be passing by with my camera after the anarchists had done their share of damage… Continue reading

And the world keeps turning

The history of mankind is one that could not have been written without some blood being spilled. There are people in this world who believe that this could have been avoided but the truth is that it was all necessary. Every bullet ever fired, every life ever taken and every inhumane act ever committed on a battlefield was and still is necessary to mankind. Now, my saying this doesn’t mean that I condone the acts committed during war but what it does mean is that I’m willing to accept the fact that these things must happen. Argue it if you must but regardless of your opinion the fact is that all is fair in war. The reason why we humans need this constant state of chaos is because it restates points that many people seem to be quick to forget.  War makes us see how necessary it is for us to try to understand each other, to see how fragile and precious life is and it lets us know that our greatest enemies will always be ourselves…at least until the alien invasion arrives. Continue reading

Remembrance Day Special

In an impromptu interview by an aspiring journalist I was asked why I wear the poppy and the significance of Remembrance Day (Veteran’s Day for my neighbors South of the border) to me, I almost laughed at the audacity that someone had to actually ask me why I wear a red and black poppy, but after I heard his line of questioning I thought he had a legitimate reason to ask his original question. One of the questions he asked me was if I thought the younger generations of people are more disconnected from the understanding of what Remembrance Day is; I impartially responded that it comes down to the education system to educate these young people as to why we have Remembrance Day, why we have our freedoms. To be brutally honest the younger generations are more disconnected than the older generations because they haven’t been able to feel the immediate effect of what the veterans have done, we can only hope they understand; which brings me to the point of this post and the original question that prompted my interview: why I wear the poppy and the significance of Remembrance Day to me. Continue reading

Videogame War Heroes 2010

The definition stays the same; the cast of characters will change some people will be repeated from last year with good reason.

Number 10: Oerba Yun Fang(Final Fantasy XIII), Yeah I ragged on the whole cast of those characters but Fang did an amazing job with those jackasses to save the world and she was crystallized for a couple hundred years and she was still in great shape. I don’t think anything could help her move up from this spot. Continue reading