War, peace and all the politics in between

Welcome one and all to yet another month with The Infection! It’s your least favourite person in the world, Poison Apple, speaking and I’ve decided to return from the dead in order to entertain you all once more. As much as I love the wife, the mistress is great for a quickie.

So this month is the last month of the year that we’re going to be active for this year. This also marks the last month of our two year run as The Infection before we move out of wordpress for good. Trust us, it’s been confirmed now as I have just taken the liberty of buying our new domain today. It’s been great but we’re moving onto something greater. In other news I do plan to make sure that The Infection goes out with a bang so big that the porn industry would have to tell us how fucked we are. In this last month we’re bringing some good things back to the table.

To begin, we have this month’s theme! Yes, the monthly theme is back. We realized that the lack of a theme wasn’t working for us so it’s coming back. Every now and then we might stray off our planned path because a hotter story comes to the table but fuck it we know you all dont give a damn.

The theme this month is ‘War, peace and politics’. Yes, just like last November we’re going to talk all about war, peace and the politics that drive society. All the things that this endless waltz helped to create and destroy we’re going to throw down on the table. We’re gonna talk about the wars that need to happen and have happened or are happening in the here and now. Here’s a rundown of the month for you all!

week 1- “The good, the bad and the ugly: How war has helped and hurt humanity” by Poison Apple. Title explains all.

week 2- “Remembrance Day special” by Lionel Heart.

“They dont care: Protest and activism, does it really help?” by Poison Apple. Title explains all.

week 3-“W.O.W:World of Weapons- everything leads to a cataclysm” by Poison Apple. This is the Poison Apple 2010 countdown of the most destructive weapons in existence minus the Atom bomb.

“Countdown of the best war films” by Lionel Heart.

week 4-“Peace: Is it an illusion or my interpretation?” by Poison Apple.

“Politics: The most true lies ever told” by Poison Apple.

Other than that lovely list of interesting articles we have planned, we’ve a few guest writers on the line waiting to get in on this bitch. We also are going to introduce something new and hopefully not harmful to us. Every week from now on we are going to have a featured artist do a piece here on The Infection based on the theme of the month. I wont mention any names but we do have two great artists getting some work ready for us as we speak. All in all…

Keep us entertained!

Oh yes! we also have to bring back the monthly theme song since that’s also something cool too!

Now you can keep us entertained!

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